Journey into the Necromancer's Cave

Episode 2

“We should be careful, there are bound to be more undead here.” Anika states.

Nodding in agreement the four adventurers proceed carefully into the cave system. The walls of the tunnel had large cracks and they group made sure to keep a careful eye on them in case there were any more surprises. Soon they came across a cavern, in the center of the cavern was a large boulder with a large dark stain upon it. Dekkarian proceeded into the cavern.

Suddenly rocks fell from above the entrance knocking Dekkarian to the floor. Two zombies quickly tumble afterwards lurching towards the fallen tiefling. Anika lets loose a blast of eldritch energy catching one of the zombies by surprise while Nyx bludgeons the other zombie with her staff. Dekkarian regains her feet and fends of the attacking zombie. Art whips his rapier with lightning speed and pierces the zombie through the eye and into its brain, it falls limply to the floor dead. The group makes short work of the remaining zombie and they pause to catch their breath.

Looking around the room they can see where the ledge is above the entrance to the cave. There are two more exits, one to the north which leads twenty feet before turning west and another to the south which leads thirty feet before bending to the east. Upon closer inspection of the boulder in the center of the room the dark stain appeared to be dried blood. It was evident by now that dark deeds where transpiring here. After a brief conversation the party decides to go down the south tunnel.

The tunnel is long and dark, however the group are fortunate enough to have keen eyesight which allows them to see in nearly perfect darkness. This was indeed fortunate as the rough irregular walls of the tunnel had spurs sticking out from the walls. Others had not been as lucky as the group as was evidenced by the dried blood on several of the spurs.

Ahead of the group the corridor opened into another cavern. Within could be seen three more zombies. However, these were dressed rather peculiarly. One wore a bear costume, another a frilly dress and the third a jester’s outfit.

Dekkarian gives a silent signal and they charge to attack. Anika launches a surprise attack on the jester hitting it in the chest with an eldritch blast. One of its bells goes flying and jingles as it hits the ground. The rest of the party joins the fray and soon all three zombies lie dead at their feet. Dekkarian eyes the costumed zombies and decides to claim the headpiece of the bear costume. She gets a couple of funny looks from the others but they decide to let it go. As far as personality quirks go it seems harmless enough.

Other than the entrance which they entered through there are two more passages in the room, one which leads south east and the other south west. Neither seemed particularly remarkable so the choose the south east corridor by random. The corridor curves as they travel along and soon they come to a large long cavern. Unlike the others so far this cavern is well lit. They can see three tables in front of them where body parts lie upon them, in front of the tables are baskets wherein can be seen more body parts. In front of them with its back to the group stands a robed figure. Further into the cavern there is a large stone slab with various tools, weapons and cruel looking knives. At the far back of the cavern stand four animated skeletons, each holding a short bow.

Nyx moves forward confidently and casts a spell. From her arm a long thorny whip shoots forth and wraps itself around the robed figure pulling him closer towards the group. As the thorns rip into its robe they can see it is another zombie, this one holding a sewing needle and black thread. However the sudden movement spark more movement within the cavern, not from the skeletons who remain motionless, but from the baskets in front of the tables. Five clawed hands scrabble out and race towards the party.

It is a furious battle, the group unused to the size of these much smaller opponents struggle against them, blows often going wide from their mark. Meanwhile the hands strike at Dekkarian and Nyx who are holding the front line. It appears that they are in some serious trouble as Dekkarian falls and the group have suffered serious wounds. However they are spurred on to assist their comrade and find new vigor to defeat the last of their opponents.

Nyx quickly sees to healing Dekkarian while Art and Anika keep a look out. They notice that the skeletons at the far end of the cavern have not moved. Once Dekkarian is back on her feet they decide to retreat to the previous room and have a rest.

Uninjured from the fight Anika strolls around the cavern listening for any encroaching noise. It is silent. She decides to quickly scout down the corridor to the south west which they have not explored yet. It travels upwards and ends in a cavern where two chests lie. She hesitates at the sight of the chests, surely there are riches inside. She decides to go back to the party and let them know that they are there. It is only right after all since they are all sharing the danger of this place.

Soon the party is fully rested and their wounds are bound. They go to investigate the chests. Dekkarrian eyes the ceiling after remembering what happened in the previous cavern and hoists her shield above her head. She approaches the chests with caution. She cannot see any traps leading from the traps so she decides to open one. Suddenly an ominous voice declares that they are the lord of Lance Rock. The group tries to entreat the voice claiming they only want to try to help them. A booming laughter echoes of the walls and a click can be heard. With shield above her head Dekkarian dives for the exit, narrowly missing being struck by the ceiling caving in. Dusting herself off she looks back into the room. In the dust a stream of light can be seen coming from a crack in the wall. The broken chests lie on the floor, only wood and splinters remain. They had been empty.

The group retreats for the time being and goes back down the caverns. They decide to investigate the corridor which they haven’t been down where the boulder covered in dried blood was. After rounding the corner, they can see it opens up into a chamber. There are several motionless humanoid figures in scraps of armor laying against the walls. Five of the figures seem to retain some flesh and muscles while three or four appear to be only skeletons, one the floor are some short swords. There does not appear to be any other exit to the chamber. The party decides to retreat from the room as it appears to be of little reward.

They return to the large cavern where they battled the clawed hands and the black robed zombie. Art, Dekkarian and Nyx approach the skeletons at the far end while Anika ducks behind one of the tables preparing to cast her spells from a distance. As they approach the skeletons turn their skulls and watch the group approach. They hear a muttering and standing behind the skeletons they see a dark robed figure.

The figure notices them and commands them to halt, claiming that he is the Lord of Lance Rock. Anika tries to distract him from noticing the others advance by engaging him in conversation, however he declares that he is bored and refuses to answer any questions that she puts forth to him. He suddenly notices that the others have drawn closer and commands them to halt once more. Art threatens him however the figure seems amused by this.. He raises his hand and the skeletons raise their bows and begin tracking the three approaching people. He commands them to halt once more however they do not. He drops his hand and the skeletons let loose a volley of arrows at the group.

Dekkarian lets loose a lusty battle roar and charges towards the figure. The figure panics at this display of confidence and bravado and flees down a corridor. The group charges at the skeletons and Anika blasts the skeletons with eldritch energy. Arrows and energy blasts fly across the room, pieces of bone go flying and the wooden arrows splinter off of rock. Dekkarian, Art and Nyx draw into melee range and slam into the skeletons. They pull out their short swords however it is to no avail and they skeletons soon lie in pieces upon the floor.



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