The Black Earth


Members of this cult seek to harness the power of Earth and ravage the world with earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslides. They use magic to burrow underground and prefer subterranean life. Members of the Cult of the Black Earth are stubborn, set in their ways, and slow to act, but once they decide on a plan to deal with an enemy, they follow it through without hesitation.

The members of the cult of Black Earth are known for wearing golden masks. They are strong, patient, and deliberate and always making plans before acting. When it comes to battle, they are brutal and straightforward, Empathy, friendship, and common courtesies are for the weak, and you are not weak.

Several months ago, agents of the Cult of the Black Earth stumbled across the Tomb of Moving Stones, and an ambitious cult priest named Larrakh came to Red Larch to bring the Believers under the cult’s control. Having learned the secret of how to manipulate the moving stones, Larrakh now uses the stones to deliver “messages” that he interprets for the Believers, manipulating them to do the earth cult’s bidding.

The Black Earth

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