Sacred Stone Monastery

An old stone temple built in a rocky vale at the southern edge of Sumber Hills. It was recently reborn as the Sacred Stone Monastery, home to reclusive monks dedicated to a mysterious “Way of the Sacred Stone,” which sages across Faerun have never heard of.


A trail leads into an ever-narrowing defile between bluffs of wind-sculpted sandstone. Eventually the walls draw in so closely that you can reach out and touch either side, but then the narrow space opens into a hidden canyon in the heart of the hills. A sprawling monastery with dark, narrow windows and red tile rooftops stands in the middle of this natural amphitheater, ringed by sandstone cliffs all around.

Ahead, a weathered flight of stone steps leads up to the closed monastery doors. The plain doors are made of heavy timber with iron studs. A dusty footpath circles the building.

Below the monastery is a network of mines which lead down to an ancient dwarven stronghold.

Sacred Stone Monastery

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