Riverguard Keep

One of four ruined keeps in the south western Sumber Hills. According to most locals, these crumbling stone castles are haunted by ghosts and prowling monsters. Sensible valley dwellers avoid them.


This stout castle stands on the banks of the Dessarin River. It consists of a stone keep and gatehouse linked by a curtain wall to a river tower and dock.

A taciturn mercenary lord named Jolliver Grimjaw, nicknamed the “Lord of the Castle,” and his band of sell-swords occupy the keep. They are repairing the old castle and protecting trade along the river from the depredations of monsters and bandits

The band is repairing the old castle, and re-roofing is their current major task. Their intention is to make Riverguard Keep their base for protecting river-borne trade from monsters and bandits.

However it has turned out that Jolliver Grimjaw and his men were actually raiders and the keep was their base of operations in the order. They are also strongly tied to the cult of the Crushing Wave, a cult which aims to purify the land by having it swallowed by the sea.

Recently Jolliver and his men met their end by a group of adventurer’s who have since liberated those who were captured by the raiders.

Riverguard Keep

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