A Crushing Defeat
Episode 29

Ogrim runs
Art casts dissonant whisper on a gargoyle and runs
Nyx casts Moonwell on the entrance and runs
Anika casts Hagars Hunger and retreats

One gargoyle chases and attacks Art
Medusa moves through the darkness and is lit up by the moonwell
Art sees the medusa and is instantly petrified
The Element Prince moves forward and slams a fist into the ground causing three earth elementals to form near the party

Ogrim beats at the gargolye with his morning star which while damaging does not kill it
Nyx shifts into a bear and dashes away
Anika steps forward to Ogrim casts fly on both and then flys away after Nyx

Ogrim is then set on by the Earth elementals and smashed to the ground
Meanwhile The Earth Prince moves through the wall and casts and orange glow on Anika and Nyx

Nyx summons in some bears and Anika weaves around the Earth Elementals attack before flying away

Ogrim’s body shudders with a rack of pain as he fights for his life

Nyx runs from the Earth prince while the bears attack it
One of the bears is crushed beneath its mighty fist
Anika flys past the mud pool/portal to the earth plane and throws in her gold in an attempt to distract it and not be so tempting a target
Nyx runs after Anika

Ogrim regains consciousness enough and manages to fly away from his attackers, turning at last minute at the junction as he sees the elemental prince ahead of him. Finishing off the bear the Earth Elemental Prince turns and charges after Ogrim

As Anika and Nyx retreat through the tunnels they hear a mighty crash behind them.
After a moment it is followed by the sound of a thunderous stomp and the ghastly sound of bones being crushed. The two of them flee from the Earthen temple that has become their companions grave.

On the surface Anika rests and then magically contacts her cult, telling them of what happened. She then magically contacts the Sherriff in Red Larch warning him of the impending danger. Later she magically contacts her fellow cultist in Waterdeep, the nearest major city. At least, she thinks to herself, with more people as a distraction it should be easier to find the eye.

Nyx decides that she is done adventuring, She decides to go back to her boring little village and count the horde of gold which she has gathered. After all it is much more important than those she had traveled with, she thinks as she buffs her crystal breastplate, now she can be with her shinies and see them glitter to her hearts content. Her missing master forgotten, the remaining delegates forsaken she retires to her hamlet to live out her life.

Deep below the earth, near the portal to the Earthen plane three Nothics gather around a statue of a tiefling bard. They poke and prod at the petrified tiefling before becoming bored at their latest amusement. Then alone in the darkness the statue stands wordlessly, agony contorted on its features and a hint of despair and betrayal in its eyes.

An Old Foe Appears
Episode 28

After taking a rest with Nyx and Jasper keeping look out the party decides to move on
Traveling along several stone passages they eventually come to an armory. Inside is a scalding mud pool with steam rising from it, several stone slabs with an impressive array of weapons and armor and a dwarf is forging weapons while two humans stand guard over him

Ogrim approaches the dwarf to see if he is ok and the two guards rush him

Ogrim fronts up to his attackers while Nyx charges in flame scimitar in hand.
She lands a solid blow however after being hit herself she loses her concentration and it vanishes.
Art casts a couple of spells while Anika sends forth eldritch blasts from the other side of the room
One guard points at a spot at the ground and rock erupts and smashes into the group.
Wounded Anika retreats to quaff a potion returning to the fray just in time to see Ogrims Morningstar slam into the wall nearby
Ogrim pulls forth his longsword and runs through a guard
Nyx then throws a thorn whip dragging the guard nearer to Ogrim
The guard is quickly dispatched

Resting for the moment Anika takes a look with her eldritch vision and spots a magic item on the one of the stone slabs nearby.
She lifts a crystal breastplate and examines it, determining it has been magically enchanted. She gazes into its crystalline structure, the beauty of its craftsmanship, how it sparkles in the light. It is hers, this thing of beauty, it would be sensible to keep it for herself she reasoned. She deserves it after all she has been put through in trying to find the Eye. In fact she deserves more, having to put up with these louts for so long, having them go head first into danger time and time again.

Suddenly Nyx tears it from her hands, a wave of dizziness passes over Anika. What was she thinking? It wouldn’t suit her at all, She needs freedom of movement for her fighting style after all. In fact Nyx would be better off with it as being made of Crystal she should be able to shape shift with it on. Nodding she watches as Nyx puts it on and thinks no more of it.

The group talks to the dwarf who had retreated down one of the tunnels for safety and he informs them that he is a member of the lost delegation. One of the delegation members was taken to work in the mines above (who he is relieved to find out that he had been rescued by the party earlier), another delegation member was kidnapped by the air cult and the last member has been given to the fire cult as a gift and a bargaining chip. The dwarf refuses to leave until he knows that his elven friend at the fire cult has been rescued, or at least everyone here at the earth cult has been killed so no message can be sent. The party agrees and goes deeper into the caves in order to find who else is left.

They enter into a large crystal chamber, Three Nothics are huddled on the far side cowering. The party tries to communicate with them to no avail. Seeing that they arent hostile the party moves to the next chamber

Inside six stone pillars surround the room, a winding stair travel to the core where a massive shifting stone levitates above the ground, its constant grinding of earth echoing throughout the chamber
On the side of four of the pillars are stone gargoyles, at the bas of the core, flanked by two guards is the Medusa Marlos Urnrayle.

Marlos was made aware of your presence he raised above his head a powerful looking weapon. The words “With this key, I call forth the Mountain of Doom, the great and terrible Ogremoch!”

The levitating stone splits and a portal forms, From with the evil elemental prince of Earth begins to emerge. Panicking and hoping to disrupt the ritual enough to cancel the magic Anika lets fly an Eldritch blast at Marlos who tumbles forward, however it appears that it may be too late…

The Prince of Evil Earch is Ogremoch, the Mountain that Walks. His natural form is a shambling, 50 foot tall colossus of rock, with crystal growths embedded throughout his body. When he bothers to speak, his voice sounds like grinding stones.

Mud Bath to the Elemental Plane of Earth
Episode 27

Professing tiredness Nyx decides to wait in the cavern and rest while the rest of the party explores ahead

Art, Anika and Ogrim travel down a corridor, take a right fork and enter into a large cavern
From one wall a river of mud gushes forth and travels quickly into a pool on the far end of the room
On the other side of the river stand a large earth elemental covered in armor
There are several mud mephits dancing around its feet
Anika hangs back while Ogrim and Art brazenly decide to go around the pool to the other side
The earth elemental sees Art, steps into the mud pool and points at him
The mephits look at Art and Ogrim and attack

One is faster than the others and rushes to Art, engorging his throat and spitting a ball of scalding mud. Art manages to dodge just in time and the mud splatters against the wall behind him. Looking at the earth elemental Art casts his hand out and a swarm of daggers surround it. Anika finishes her incantation flings forth her hand and writhing black tentacles sprout around the other mephits and wraps around them slamming them into the ground
One mephit manages to wriggle free and charges at Ogrim who manages to deflect its mud shot with his shield.

Meanwhile the Earth elemental walking through the dagger cloud and traversing the mud pool, it raises its earthen hammer above its head and slams it down towards Art. Art speaks a word and the earth elemental’s strike goes wide.

Art and Ogrim attack the mephits and with a solid blow Ogrim manages a solid blow into its head. The mephit’s body shudders and explodes into a shower of scalding mud which Ogrim narrowly avoids.

Meanwhile the tentacles wrap tighter around the mephits and slam them over and over again into the ground. Anika fires a couple of eldritch blasts into one of them.
One mephit manages to escape the tentacle and tries to run, however it is soon grabbed again and slammed into the floor.

As Ogrim defends himself against the mephits Art manages to cast a spell of confusion. The earth elemental and remaining mephit shudder and weave in a daze.

Soon all the mephits are dead, with one managing to escape down a tunnel, and Art, Anika and Ogrim focus on the earth elemental.
After a barrage of blows the earth elemental breaks through the confusion and slams its earthen warhammer into Ogrim just as Ogrim attacks. This causes Ogrims grip to loosen just enough for his morning star to slip out of his hand and sink into the mud pool.
However after a couple blasts from Anika and a a couple of bardic spells from Art the magic animating the Earth elemental dissapates and it collapses into rubble.

While Ogrim and Art catch their breaths Anika uses her eldritch site and senses the morning star in the pool. She attempts to reach for it with a spell however it is just out of range. She offers to attempt to send an unseen servant down to retrieve it which Ogrim accepts.

After ten minutes and the ritual is complete the unseen servant enters into the pool to attempt to retrieve the weapon. However after a few minutes Anika senses her connection to the servant is lost as it is wrenched into the depths. After quickly conferring with Jasper, her familar, he jumps into the pool to locate the weapons exact position. He sees it and informs Anika when all of a sudden he is pulled by a vicious current. Anika quickly de-summons him putting him into the safety of her pocket dimension.

Swearing to herself that she will apologise to Jasper later she informs Ogrim of what has happened. Ogrim is determined to retrieve his weapon so Anika gives him her ring of swimming which she recently found. Ogrim ties a rope around his waist and hands it to Art. He then clumsily dives into the muddy pool.

Ogrim has no problem swimming down, and locating his morning star however he is suddenly pulled by the strong current and is pulled towards a darkness in the mud. On the surface Art pulls with all his might on the rope and manages to give Ogrim the few precious moments needed in order to fight against the current. Soon Ogrim is back on the surface with his prize.

Ogrim tells Anika about the darkness and she tells him that it sounds like a portal to the Elemental plane of Earth. If he were to be sucked into there they would not of been able to retrieve him without great difficulty, if he managed to survive.

With that Anika, Art and Ogrim decide to head back to Nyx and take a well deserved break.

Getting Roper'd into things
Episode 26

Group runs down the corridor in the opposite direction from the cultist who fled fearing reinforcements
They enter another cavern, Stalagmites rise from the floor and Stalactites hang from the ceiling
The floor is littered with armour, Anika uses her eldritch sight and sees a point of magic on the ground
Suddenly a tentacle wraps around Ogrim and pulls him into the air

Ogrim struggles to break free while his companions attack from the ground
Anika casts hex however her spells miss
Art mocks the creature
Nyx twirls her sling and throws a stone which harmlessly bounces off of the creatures hide

In front of Ogrim the creature opens its mouth revealing a set of wicked teeth which proceeds to rip into Ogrim’s flesh
Three more tentacles grab Anika, Art and Nyx
They try to struggle free but are caught tight
Nyx shifts into a cave bear but is at an awkward angle so she cant get a good strike in
They are all lifted towards the roper as it savages into Ogrim once more

Anika seeing the are in dire straits casts blight on the creature
Ogrim slashes through the tentacle and drops free and retreats
Nyx and Art still struggle and Art drops a dagger to the ground

Anika struggles to cast a spell but fails to gather the eldritch energy as she is being flung around by the tentacles
Art and Nyx cut into the creature
Ogrim rushes forward picks up the dagger and flings it into the creature’s flank

With a final blow from Nyx the roper shudders and falls to the floor below dead.
The group figures that the area will be the safest from the cultists due to the (now deceased) roper presence
As the group prepares to camp Anika wonders over and picks up a ring
During the rest Ogrim notices Anika studying the ring and asks what she has.
She looks around and whispers to him….

The group breaks camp and proceeds down another corridor
The take a right at the fork descending deeper and as they approach the exit they hear a blood curdling scream cut short.
In the cavern bones lie littered over the floor, with several with large rocks through their rib cages
One intact skeleton lies on the ground with a golden crown attacked to its chest
Anika uses her eldritch sight and is able to tell this is an intensely powerful magic item and warns the others from disturbing it until she can confirm it is safe
Art ignores Anika and uses Mage Hand to lift the crown

A ghost of a dueger materialises and warns of the crown’s guardians, suddenly for drow specters materialise and attack
Anika prepared for something happening unleashes a mass of black tentacles at the drow, the drow are battered but they phase through the writhing mass
One moves forward to attack Ogrim but he manages to defend
Nyx and Art cast powerful divine magic
As the other specters begin to move they are ripped apart by the three spells
Ogrim smashes his mace through the one that attacked him and soon they are gone.

Anika turns to Art and warns him once more.
Art ignores her and taking a step back casts mage hand once more
The ghost forms and gives the warning again
He looks around when the specters don’t materialise
Ogrim grabs the crown out of the air and says that he will return it to its rightful place and free the ghost
The ghost retreats into the crown
Anika studies the crown and declares it free of malevolent magics
The group rests while Ogrim studies the crown to learn its properties.
Once down he places it on his head and the party readies to set off once more.

Giant Tic Tac Toe
Episode 25

Descending the stairs the group enters a large room with a door to the north and east
Proceeding north they find a dwarven crypt
Ogrim reads the inscription and bows his head, as reward for his respect he his blessed
The rest of the party does the same and is reinvigorated
Art makes mention of opening the tomb in order to loot however Anika manages to convince them that it is a really bad idea
The group leaves the room

The travel down a corrider and see a set of stairs carved from the rock leading up
They discount it for now and continue going ahead

The enter a room where two giants are playing a game of tic tac toe
one of the giants notices the group and wishes to play with the group
after several games where the party comes out slightly on top the giant looses its patience and grabs his large club
Ogrim quickly throws the pouch of gold at the giant diffusing the giant
The giant tells the group that there is a magic place down a corrider where a soft purple glow is coming from
The party leaves down that direction

The party goes down the corridor and enter into a larger hallway cavern
At the end of the cavern are two large statues in front of a doorway and two guards
Ogrim goes towards them with the intent of tricking them but blows his cover rather quickly
A fight breaks out and two earth elementals join the fray
It looks bad until Art entrances the Earth elementals taking them out of the fight, the party is then able to focus on one enemy at a time.
They catch their breath before continuing on

Going down the corridor, still lined with the crystals giving off the glow, the party enters another cavern
There a Xorn and a cultist are harvesting gems
The Xorn has three arms, three legs, and three eyes spread across their barrel-like torso, capped off with a mouth on the top
Noticing Ogrim the Xorn haggles for the party’s gold
Art casts dissonant whispers on the cultist causing him to flee and the group focuses on the Xorn
The Cultist returns shortly after however after the fall of the Xorn he casts expeditious retreat and flees down a corridor

It Came from within the Obelisk
Episode 24

The party takes a long rest
Dwarfy decides to take a break where she is after her near death experiences
The rest of the party Travels further into the Earth Temple
comes across a set of double doors
Inside is Deep gnome manacled to a post
Behind him is a black obelisk
There are several priests chanting at the back of the room

Art rushes over to the gnome in order to help when Nyx casts entangle on the priests
The priests fling a couple of spells and attack with daggers but keep chanting
Art seeing his chance leaves the still chained gnome to rush around and hit them with lightning
Ogrim rushes to the closest priest and starts attacking with his morning star
The chanting ends and Anika notices the Obelisk oozing
Anika backs up Ogrim before going to the gnome and trying to free him, calling to Nyx for help
Nyx manages to release one of the shackles from the gnome and pulls Anika back

Meanwhile the others continue attacking the priests who cast acid splash
The black ooze starts to engulf the gnome who starts screaming in agony
Anika casts fly and manages to release the other manacle pick the gnome up and fly him to safety
Nyx uses thorn whip to pull the remaining priest into the ooze which kills him

Nyx and Ogrim face the Ooze directly, however it is too dangerous in close combat and after they and their armor take damage they both retreat

Art, Anika and Nyx attack and kill the ooze from range

The gnome reveals that there has been activity on a level deeper

The party goes to where the gnome indicates there are stairs and as they start to descend a resounding sound

They decide to continue to descend the stairs, however they are attacked from behind
Facing two opponents in plate mail and another cultist priest they defend against the attack

During the fight Anika is badly hurt and pinned beneath one of the soldiers. She casts hold person which paralyses him. She then is able to retreat.
Ogrim smashes into the soldier with his morning star before Art pushes the helpless man over the edge and into the abyss.

Catching their breath, and after some healing, the group continues down the stairs.

The Dragon Turtle Arises
Episode 23

The Party prepares to face the enemy from the darkness
A wet slapping sound can be heard (as the hag retreats)
Anika runs down the corridor to the turn of the waterway, there she casts fly

Meanwhile the party has opposition in the other direction of two trolls, the ogre and the hag
The hag pulls back
Unnoticed are a small group of cultists who see the battle is not going in their favor and ring a gong
Meanwhile Anika is dealing with the other troll as it tries to leap and snatch her out of the air

The water surges and out emerges a massive giant turtle.
Everyone who sees this flees, Ogrim is delayed due to dust in his eyes
The Dragon Turtle hefts its massive body onto the shore and addresses the cutlists
Ogrim seeing the dragon turtle decides its time to flee

Meanwhile the group is dealing with a troll blocking the way
The troll is cut down, although it is evident that it is still trying to regenerate
The part continue pummeling its body and it slips into the waterway
Ankia casts darkness where the Dragon Turtle and cultists are in order to by time

From the darkness the party hears the Dragon Turtle saying it would take care of the intruders
their way no longer impeded the group flees, behind them an immense jet of scalding water burst from the hallway.
The group continues to retreat, drinking from the enchanted fountain on their way past and travel to the earth temple.

There they catch their breath and decide what to do next
Art decides to continue his vengeance against the mud sorcerer and leads the way over the chasm
The others jump across while Anika flies, assisting Dwarfy as she almost falls

Art casts invisibility and goes into the room
he then launches a surprise attack and the rest of the group charge in
Anika starts by casting hold person, paralyzing the sorcerer
Somehow an earth spell hurts the party but they ignore it for now
the party brutal attacks the sorcerer who manages to soak some of the damage
Next to Ogrim a stone golem activates and attacks
The party continues their attack on the sorcerer while Ogrim handles the golem

The sorcerer is defeated and falls down dead, the golem becomes inactive upon his death
Ogrim not noticing smashes it into rubble.

The group catches its breath.

The Party Rejoins
Episode 22

Ogrim defends the hallway
A roiling in the waterway
Dwarfy escapes the water and fires her crossbow at the enemy
Wolfy is pulled under and harmed
Anika blast the enemy in front of Ogrim
Normal fight for a couple of rounds
A magic user casts fear and gets Ogrim and Dwarfy
Both run, Wolfy holds its ground
Anika blasts another enemy and flies after Ogrim and Dwarfy
They encounter another enemy
Meanwhile Nyx and Art reach the landing and join the fray
Soon the enemy is defeated

Group takes a long rest in the guard room
Ogrim forgets about the prisoners he freed and they make their escape in Art/Nyx’s boat

The group travels into the temple and encounter a door with eyes and sharp fanged mouth drawn upon it
Anika cracks it open briefly to perform a detect magic, though she does not find what she is searching for
Her action is noticed and a voice calls out
Anika retreats the others wait
The door opens and a javelin is thrown

Art fires a lightning bolt instanlty killing 3 lizard men
During the battle the leader barks out an order in draconic and one of the lizardmen retreats
Battle continues and soon the lizardmen are dead
An ogre enters with the other lizardman

The group focus fires on the ogre and it falls dead
Outside the room a hag and another ogre make their appearance
Art and Anika are frightened by the hag
Anika retreats and fires an eldritch blast
Art casts darkness and retreats into the room

Anika is split from the party as they prepare to retreat, What is to become of the devilishly delightful warlock?

My Eight Legged Friend
Episode 21

Anika, Art and Nyx realise they are in the wrong location and retrace their steps
The gate has a chain holding it shut but no lock
Art removes the chain creating loud noise
Anika tries to fool anyone listening to make them believe they are supposed to be there
Art asks if he should turn invisible
Anika pinches the bridge of her nose as Art turns invisible

They find their boat where they left it and disembark
As they row out onto the lake Art finds it harder and harder to row
Anika and Art notice something causing a wake in the water
Suddenly the boat tips and all three fall out, Nyx looking especially ill
Tentacles flail out of the water as they are beset by a giant octopus
Nyx turns into a giant octopus and struggles against it, finding it difficult in this unfamiliar form
Art clambers back into the boat
Anika flys to the ceiling
With Nyx battling underwater, Art casting fairy fire and Anika shooting Eldritch blasts from above they finish the Octopus off
Nyx grips the boat in her tentacles and begins swimming

Ogrim, Dwarfy and the freed prisoners enter into a room with a broken pillar and a well
As they survey the room two Nottin’s see and attack Ogrim
The Nottin’s attempt to use their gaze attacks on the pair but they fight off the effects
Dwarfy slashes with her two handed axe while a wounded Ogrim slams down with his morning star
The Nottin gets a good shot in and Ogrim falls
Dwarfy seeing this quickly casts healing and Ogrim is back on his feet
together they defeat the Nottin’s
Severely wounded they decide to take a rest.
Dwarfy decides to drink from the fountain and is rejuvenated, Ogrim eyes it suspiciously and decides against it.

The octopus is pulling the boat to a downstream part when it is noticed by six men on the shore line
The captain calls out, however Art does not respond
Finding it out that their octopus has not capsized the boat the captain sends three men to the bridge up ahead
The men reach the bridge and pull out javelins demanding that Art announces who he is and stops
Art tries to deflect their questions but they dont buy it
Art then casts vicious mockery on one of the men but it fails and they attack

Battle Highlights:
Anika does hit and run tactics with Fly and Eldritch blast
Nyx crawls onto land and attacks as a giant Octopus
Art throws daggers slamming into the cultists
The captain jumps into the water and rides a hunter shark
As an octopus Nyx takes out one of the men
The warlock cultist manages to blast her out of her form and hex Art
The battle is chaotic and more so once Art casts darkness on top of everyone but Anika
Eventually the battle dies down with the enemies either fled or dead
As the Captain flees he is heard calling out to someone to go after them

Anika flys ahead to scout while Art decides to turn around and retreat they way they came
Nyx isnt happy and after a few minutes convinces him to go after Anika

After their rest Ogrim, Dwarfy and co travel down a hallway
at the corner is a door, Ogrim decides to ignore it however Dwarfy tries to open it
The door holds fast and after a moment a metal panel is slid open revealing a pair of eyes.
There is a curse and then a crossbow
Dwarfy is zinged with a shot as she chases after Ogrim
The door is heard opening behind her and the sound of several armed people

Ogrim has met with Anika as she flys above the river
They exchange greetings when suddenly Dwarfy rushes past and dives into the river
As she dives in she hears Anika’s voice in heard head saying Shark!
Ogrim turns around and charges towards the hallway intending to hold position
Anika watches unsure of what to do.

The Adventures of Ogrim
Episode 20

…Two days later

Ogrim awakens in a cage, sees robed man pacing and muttering
Dwarfy and Wolfy unconscious in nearby cage
Looks around the room, it is a torture chamber
Rack in the center, chains, manacles, spikes and implements hanging on the walls
Other captives in two other cages
Ogrim tests the bars but the rattling brings the attention of the man
The man directs three cultists to restrain and bring Ogrim to the rack
Ogrim resists and punches one in the ribs
they manage to get him to the rack and start strapping him in
Ogrim flexes and breaks the straps and smashes one in the face knocking him out
Roars at one of the others who cowers
Man in robe cast spell and an earthen hand rises to catch Ogrim
Ogrim dodges it and punches one of the cultists
Cultist fights back while the other goes to the bed for a scimitar
Ogrim knocks out other cultist
Man in robe once more casts the spell and this time manages to capture Ogrim

Scene change

After defeating the ghouls Anika, Nyx and Art discuss their next move
Art gets impatient and jumps in a boat and starts rowing
Nyx cast thornwhip to catch the boat
Anika jumps in
Nyx races and jumps in
after an hour of rowing Anika casts unseen servant to continue rowing
Soon they arrive in a large underground lake
seeing a landing they pull in
Art goes forward to investigate with Nyx following
Suddenly they are beset by ghouls
during the fight ghouls leap out of eight pools of water and try to drag Nyx into one
Anika prevents this and the group reforms and they manage to defeat the twelve ghouls.

Scene change

Dwarfy and Wolfy awaken to see Ogrim breaking out of the earthen grasp
Seeing their companion in dire straights they work together to break open the cage
Wolfy goes on the offensive
Meanwhile Ogrim has manage to grab a chain and manacle and use it as a crude weapon
The last cultist falls under his onslaught dropping his scimitar to the ground leaving the spell caster
The spell caster hardens his skin and cast some big spells which put them into dire straits
however Ogrim and Dwarfy fight hard and manage to defeat him

Searching the body Ogrim discovers two keys
Speaking to the prisoners he discovers where their gear is stored and frees them
Among them is an ex earthen cultist who had struck a priest who offers to be their guide
They decide to travel underground to the Crushing Wave Temple as per her suggestion

Scene Change

After a short rest Anika suggests she perform a sending to let their compatriots know that they are on their way and to judge the likelihood of them still being alive to be rescued
Relieved she receives a response and finds out they are travelling towards the Crushing Wave Temple.
Anika assumes that this is where she is now and informs the others
They travel to the other side of the lake and beach the boat
They hear a voice of a guard as if it were next to them
As Anika telepathically communicates for them not to make a sound Nyx asks if she should turn into a bear
They guards hear this and say the sound must of come from the other side of Whispering lake
The group sees a lock gate nearby and Art casting knock opens it
They pass through, relock the gate and run down the corridor to shake their pursuers

An hour passes and it now appears that they are in another temple
They continue to run down the corridor as this occurs to Anika and that they do not seem to be pursued any longer.


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