A Thousand Miles from Home
Episode 19

The party takes a short rest
follows Art to the Golem room where the Mud sorcerer was
Flash of light and Anika, Nyx and Art are teleported

Vision clears and in a forest
Nyx noticies the road
Anika notices approaching caravan
Nyx and Anika hide (behind illusions) while Art is on the road
Caravan approaches and art talks to caravan master (Heyla)
Heyla hires the three as additional guards

Journey is uneventful
Nyx practices minor illusion much to Anika’s chagrin
soon pulls into a copse of trees for the night, circles the caravan
Nyx, Anika and Art gather firewood, Nyx’s is green
Anika magics fire

During the night the group is attacked by bandits
Nyx summons lightning, Anika creates Hagars Hunger, Art creats blade guardians and attacks with blade lightning
Bandits fire on one wagon setting it ablaze
Bandits scatter
Nyx jumps onto Anika to see fleeing
Anika lets go of spell
Nyx casts lightning
Anika casts fly in pursuit
Nyx manages to hold onto Anika

Anika follows leader back to main camp, flys back towards camp
Art inspires caravan workers moving cargo
Nyx notices bandits circiling back around and “directs” anika
Nyx summons lightning, Anika attacks with Eldritch blast
Does a circuit of the camp before landing

Update caravan master
sets up double watch with sentries in trees
lays chains around camp to create noise of approaching bandits
Rest for the night

Next day travel to next town
Anika buys rope
Group finds out that to get paid they would need to travel to the caravans ultimate destination
decides against it and sets of towards riverguard keep

Group encounters three centuars
pass by with no incident
Anika loses her water though the river is nearby and fills it up a short while later

Group travels to Riverguard
rumble in the earth, anika believes it to be a sign from Dekkarian wanting to return
At riverguard entrance Nyx has a vision of Dwarfy and Ogrim lying unconcious back at the temple

Party descends into riverguard secret room
handily defeats ghouls using a combo of Hagars, blade guardians and Nyx and Art tanking
Prepares to go deeper into the cavern.

The Mud Sorcerer
Episode 18

Leave room where defeated foes lie

Go back to entrance and down other corridor

Open door into room with statues of dwarves with spikes for hands around

Anika senses magic coming from one of the statues

Art calls into the room

A voice responds asking what are they doing disturbing his work

Informs them that his Name is Mirage the Mud Sorcerer

Art remembers that this guy is the one who had ambushed him on the way to Red Larch and stole his music instrument

Art attacks with viscous mockery

Mirage attacks with erupting Earth

One statue moves to defend Mirage

Nyx rushes past taking a blow and attacks Mirage as a bear

Ogrim, Dwarfy concentrate on Statue

Anika, Nyx and Art concentrate on Mirage

Mirage throws up a stone wall

Group concentrates on Statue

Statue falls & Wall comes down

Mirage has dissappered

Art amplifies his voice yelling

Three roars and the snapping of chains is heard

Dekkarian is swallowed by the earth and falls to a room below – Fate unknown

Party rushes to next room sees two bulettes chained, massive chasm in center of the room

Anika deduces that one Bulette has burrowed underground and causes a minor earth tremor with Thuamtergy

Bulette mistakes the tremor and burst there

Group battles the three Bullette, each managed to have broken their chains

Exhuasted and hurt they manage to defeat the final Bulette.

Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip
Episode 17

Entered room filled with statues in panic/pain
hear a voice from the darkness warning the group away

Attacked from the shadows by an invisible force
Anika searches for a strong magic signature and encounters Marlos Urnrayle
Anika starts beginning to turn to stone
Marlos is taunted into fighting by Dekkarian
After a fierce battle Anika is fully petrified and Marlos retreats

The group gathers Anika and retreats back to town for treatment

A week passes and they return to the Temple
The bridge collapses and Anika falls
The group retrieves Anika

They enter into a room they have not investigated as of yet and attack the cultists within.

Biting the Bullette
Episode 16

Rush across to portcullis
Encounter Bullette with rider
Bullette leaps at group, knocking out Art
Fast but furious battle, focus on Bullette
clear the immediate area

Travel down the hallway
See Statue of Earthern Prince
Enter into room with 2 guards
swiftly deal and move on

Enter room with arrow slit
kill two guards & mage
See chasm & Rest

Return to the Earth Temple
Episode 15

Rush into main chamber
fight four guards and high priest
defeat them, rest & descend through mines to Earth Temple

Cross chasm
see that there has been a porticullis installed
Jasper goes in and gets shot with arrow
Nyx summons 8 swarms of ravens
Sends two swarms to either side to distract at arrow slits
Art casts suggestion and has one guard come around and open porticullis

Assault on Sacred Stone Monastery
Episode 14

- Fought the monks
- Looted the room (nothing interesting except 1 x key around helenreigh’s neck)

- Once again failed to unlock the locked room
- Bear Nyx gets bored of waiting and wanders into the distillery with her two bears
o They take out 2 monks and Nyx proceeds to start drinking in bear form
o Oghren wandered in partway through her taking out the bears and watched the fight. He also drinks

o Both Nyx and Oghren end up drunk for 1 hour
o DD hold his liquor and out drinks everyone with no problems
- Head down stairs to have a short rest in the guard room before heading upstairs

Upstairs they discover the scriptorium with 4 monks (who quickly die)
o Looting the room: 20 books worth 25gp each
o 1 book “Marlos’ testament” which is basically the cult’s bible
 talks of an “iron fang” a holy implement of earth power
 Also a “Black geode”
 “ever growing mountain will come and remake these lands in his own image”

- DD fails to stealth while opening a door and finds 2 minotaurs and a monk inside
o Battle happens
o Looting the room – nothing is found

- The party finds and loots a guestroom where Oghren and DD open a chest
o 120gp
o 180sp
o cloth of gold and priestly vestments (40gp)
o 2 x golden bracelets worth 30 gp each

The next room which they enter is another dormitory, this one with steel armor which Ogrim outfits himself with

- In the refectory kitchen there are 4 more monks and they are taken out.
o Nothing but food in the room

Return to the Monastery
Episode 13

- Party determines Hell Hounds are from the fire cult

- They have a long argument about how to enter the monastery and eventually decide to go through the mine
o The mine is very quiet
- When Dwarfy Dwarferson (DD) fails to see anything through the key hole of a door (to the guard room), Nyx pushes it open and sees 6 Duragar in the room. She turns into a bear

- Battle happens and two dwarves run, one surrenders
- Oghren (dwarf leader) orders the other two dwarves to go after the two runners Dekkarian goes too followed shortly by the rest of the party.
o Surrendered dwarf is tied up (precariously) and inside the well by Oghren
- Nyx rides one of her conjured bears after the runners
- They see Wolfy Wolferson (DD’s wolf) and the rest of the party and battle happens (the two dwarves are killed)

- After returning to the guard room Nyx fails to intimidate the prisoner but Oghren succeeds
o The Duragar were sent to prevent the detection of the temple below.
- Party goes upstairs and finds the door locked. DD unlocks it
- Meanwhile Anika kills the prisoner and the party decides never to leave her alone again
- Side note: Anika failed a self imposed sanity roll and believed the captive dwarf to be a terror from the other side. Realizing her mistake she tried to lie about it but failed.

- They check out Hellenrae’s room and when DD fails to open the chest one of Nyx’s bears crushes it only discovering clothing, which was shredded by the bear

- They discover a dojo with 5 monks in the room, one figure wearing a golden mask with covered eyeholes orders the four monks to defend the room. The golden masked figure is the Abbess Hellenrae

- Art casts hypnotic Pattern incapacitating one monk
- Most of the party makes a suprise attack focusing on one monk, killing him
- Oghren runs around the hallway to the opposite door for a pincer attack.

A Strategic Retreat
Episode 12

- During the battle against the gargoyles one manages to grab Conan as it dies and plummets to the floor of the chasm. Luckily Conan manages to survive the fall and the group finish off the remaining Gargoyle

- Art, Anika and Nyx tie a rope around the bridge and drop the other end to Conan
- Art notices the knot is unravelling and calls for help. Anika and Nyx try to help but fail
- Art manages to pull Conan up alone

- Jasper scouts ahead and finds a long room with four arrow slits on each side. The door ahead has been damaged. There are murals of wheat along the walls and the door.
- Art uses Magehand to poke into the arrow slits but nothing happens.

- Nyx stealths over to Jasper and notices several hobgoblins, a Bulette with a burrow shark warrior wearing armour.
- Nyx runs back to the group and they retreat back to the slaves.
- Art sings a song of digging and the party head down the tunnel and outside.

- They escort the slaves to Red Larch and encounter a small band of dwarven miners on the second day (3 x workers, 1 x leader)
- Dwarf delegate vouches for the party with the dwarves and they agree to come back to Red Larch with us

- The party sees a pair of orcs in the distance orcs but pass unnoticed and the party makes it back to Red Larch

- Nyx buys everyone alcohol and then takes the Drwaf sage to the Bath house to see Hayleigha
- They talk, Hayleigha asks Nyx to go help the other delegates once they have become stronger.

- Party sells everything they collected and get 390gp each

- The party takes time to levels up

- Heading back to the monastery with the dwarves they discover they are being tracked by hell hounds
- Anika and Nyx take watch in a tree and Nyx hears 3 hellhounds closing in. She conjures 2 x bears while Anika wakes people and then battle happens again.
- The party fends off the hell hounds and one hell hound manages to escape.

Freeing the Slaves
Episode 11

- Battle happens
- At the end of the battle, Dekarian convinces the remaining Orog to surrender and he is tied to the bed. He has no information to share except that there are slaves in slave pens and the Abbess Hellenrae’s name.
- The party search the room securing 110gp and 1 key
- They take a short rest and heal somewhat before Dekarian warns the guard not to try anything. The party leave the room and head to the cells.
- In the cells they find a bunch of people including one dwarf sage, Bruldentha, who is from the delegation. The party unlock the cells and Anika asks about the rest of the delegation. Bruldentha says they were captured by bandits on vultures, but two other delegates were lead below to an unknown fate.
- 2 humans, Gandalf the female wizard and Conan the male Barbarian, volunteer to help the party find the delegates. 1 tells the party that they must retrieve her spell book from the Abbott Hellenrae
- Nyx punches the guard in the guard room in the head and asks about Hellenrae. She is told that Hellenrae has a room upstairs
- The party head upstairs and immediately open a door to a room with monks distilling wine. The monks are non-confrontational and the party leaves after finding out the location of Hellenrae’s room.
- In the room, they find it empty so they loot it.
- Find Gandalf’s spellbook , A large gest contains 800sp 65platinum and 12 x turquoise stones worth 10gp each, also find a key
- Looking outside Nyx sees a pitiful garden but notices statues that look like gargoyles
- They go downstairs to where the barred off hall was and try both keys to open it. They successfully get it open with the key from the Orog. Heading down the passage they encounter 3 x gargoyles.
- Battle.

Beneath the Earth
Episode 10

- Party ride hippogriffs to the sacred stone monastery
- The doors are closed and there is a dusty foot path leading to them. When the party dismounts the hippogriffs fly off
- Nyx knocks on the door and is refused entry three times, then Anika tries and is also refused.
- Art knocks and the doors open. Two monks are wearing gold masks, Dekkarian puts on her mask and they ask why we didn’t identify ourselves as being in the order. They ask for our story and state that they only know of one missing person and Anika convinces them we are new recruits

- Lead us to Qarbo, Art tries and fails a suggestion spell and we are introduced as “new members” to Qarbo
- We all provide reasons for being worthy and Dekarian backs us up. Qarbo says we might be of use and suggests we proceed below. Nyx asks about Varis and is not given any information.
- As the party proceed downstairs, Nyx and Dekarian notice a guard moving from the alter towards the western wall. Qarbo gets an evil grin and the stairs become a slide

- Down in the underground there is a cage to oneside and the door opens as we fall down. An altered Umberhulk appears
- Party kills umberhulk and discuss using its exo-skeleton for armour for nyx, decide to consider coming back later.

- Nyx casts ritual detect magic and finds no magic in the area. The proceed through the western door and see a passage blocked by iron bars that lead north. The stonework is near perfect.
- They go to the other door and Dekarian tries and fails to open it. Nyx manages to knock it open. They find old skeletons, no magic was initially detected but then getting closer, nyx detects magic in 6 of the tombs in the room.
- The Defender of the North’s tomb is empty.
- Art approaches and hears stone grinding as 6 zombies sit up.
- Initiative.
- Anika shoots herself in the face.

- There is nothing worth lookting from the zombies but exploring the room, they discover 1 skeleton with 2 rings, one plain one and the other is rose gold with rubies inlaid. (worth 600gp)
- The main tomb is inscribed with Samular Caradan who we recognise as being one of the knights interred at the Summit Hall.

- The party moves into the maze area. Art wanders off down the hall and Nyx knocks on another door (opening it) and finds a guardroom with 3 x orogs and one ogre inside. Nyx casts moonbeam on the door and the party backs up.


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