A Battle in the Skies
Episode 9

- @ Red Larch
- Nyx spoke to Hayleigha after returning from the forest and heard about sightings of birds with riders – no word on the delegation or specific tensions rising, land is drying up and crops are dying.
- Kaylessa had no information for Anika
- Marlandro – Larman Greenboot, a local shepherd is a fairly regular person at the bar and is still telling his story about fresh graves
o Dekarian asks if anyone has investigated it, or done anything about this, NO
o Shep offers to show the party in exchange for mead
- The party go with the shepherd and find 4 freshly dug shallow graves
- Nyx casts detect magic using a ritual and detects no magic. Anika casts unseen servant
- Larman explains that he grazes sheep nearby and passes the graves regularly. He first saw the graves 5 weeks ago around the time the delegation went missing
- The party digs up bodies (using the unseen servant). They find a male dwarf in artisan robes, a female human warrior both have the symbol of the delegation. 2 male human warriors one in stony armor and the other wearing a robe with feathers on the shoulders.
- Anika loots bodies and finds nothing of value
- There is a good view of the hills, and the party can see red larch / the long road. To the north they can see an old tower with birds
- The party head towards the spire and arrive at noon. Approach the drawbridge brass bell. Nyx rings the bell and a view hole opens in draw bridge. Female face appears “welcome friends to Feathergale spire what brings you here?”
- Anika wants to look at view – the party is invited in, pending a discussion with the main guy. The drawbridge lowers and they go inside
- Savra B “come with me” They go to the 2nd level where the great hall is.
- No one knows who built the spire, but the Feathergale knights have taken up presence.
o The knights are “elite aerial mount enthusiasts”
- Dekarian asks what type of mounts and it is confirmed they use hippogriffs
- @ the pinnacle, commander welcomes the party and introductions are made (Muroska)
- Dekarian mentions the strange occurrences and Muroska’s face darkens, he mentions depraved cultists and a feast is mentioned.
- Anika asks about the mounts and finds out they are held in stables on the lower level
- Art asks about the delegation and the party are told they haven’t been seen – Dekarian notices this isn’t the full story.
- The party go to the stables and find 4 hippogriffs and 2 giant vultures. Nyx feeds one of the hippogriffs and then after having watched Nyx, Dekarian also feeds one.
- Anika asks about the cultists and is told the same stuff as already known (re: crushing wave cultists)
- Party goes to the solarium where there are 4 gentlemen, barrels of water etc. Anika questions them about the plants and Dekarian asks about the knighthood
- There is a feast
- Muroska is at the head of the table and asks about the party’s adventures, Art tells the stories, specifically about the water cultists and the knights seem impressed and offer up their own stories
- Near the end of the feast, the door bursts open and someone calls “Manticore – It’s on the move!”
- The party offers to help, and head down to get some mounts. Anika chooses to ride with one of the professionals.
- 4 knights on vultures launch from the pinnacle and head towards the mouth of the river. Art and Dekarian know the general direction of the manticore and the party heads towards it.
- The party drops below the fog and spot a shadow that streaks between us and the knights, there is a call of a horn alerting of a sighting and then battle happens.
- Anika kills the manticore and the remaining knights meet us around the manticore and praise the party
- Dekarian removes the manticore’s head and the party heads back.
- Muroska gives Dekarian a ring worth 250gp and Anika asks again about the strange occurrences
- They are invited to the great hall to tell the story and then stay the night. The party has a long rest.
- The next morning, Anika casts detect magic and finds none, Art heads out to the great hall to see if he can find someone to talk to (it takes a while, but Art finds someone and he asks about the cultists and the person sticks to their story, Art uses a spell that causes the man to open up about the cultists because we are his friends. He speaks of being a member of the “Howling Hatred cult”)
o They follow air elemental, and worship wind/storms. They believe these have the power to punish, it’s a means to an end – destruction for its own sake.
Basically, everyone is in a cult.
They follow the prophet AC
- Crushing wave = crass mercenaries too pragmatic to appreciate the HH. It was the HH’s job to kidnap the delegates however they were ambushed by the black earth cult and the delegates were taken to the Sacred Stone Monastery
- Art shares this information and then goes to the top of the tower to talk to Muroska and thanks him. He states that the party are going to investigate the monastery and Anika comments on the architecture. Muroska wishes them luck.
- They borrow two hippogriffs who will stay until they dismount and leave to investigate the monastery

Battle in Riverguard Harbour
Episode 8

The party takes a short rest and then moves within range to check in with Jasper (tied up people haven’t moved)
The party goes to the balcony, laying down they can see 2 x reavers in the room below
Anika sneaks backwards as Art asks for surrender. Dekkarian stands and puts on the gold mask she’d collected. Nyx also stands up
One reaver stands there not doing anything while the other tells the party to put down their weapons. Dekkarian tries and fails to intimidate the reaver and is lucky when the reaver’s javelin misses her.

Post battle the party collect a total of 14gp from the reavers
They go through the north door in the room and find the kitchens where 5 human commoners are currently baking. Finding it all dull the party moves through the door to the adjoining room and find 3 more commoners asleep in the quarters. Nyx looks around and realises that the room is smaller than it should be.
Anika and Dekkarian find a secret door that leads from the great hall down a spiralling staircase. Nyx goes down and while she can’t see anything on the landing she notices 6 ghouls under the water of what appears to be a hidden boat landing
Anika closes the secret entrance and the party goes to the chapel.

The chapel holds nothing of major interest. There is a symbol of the crushing wave which Anika recognises. She recalls rumours from the last few months regarding a cult, a group of people who worship water and want to clean the world of imperfections

After finding nothing the party goes to investigate the boat. Nyx follows Art on board the boat and Art opens the cabin door. He sees two people sleeping. Entering the room, Art manages to tie the Halfling up but not before he cries out awaking the water Genasi Shoalar Quanderil.
A short discussion occurs: “What are you doing on my ship?” “Safety precaution, bugbears attacked” “The bugbears follow the direction of Jolli, if the attack…” The Genasi draws his dagger
The Genasi causes a tidal wave and manages to escape. Dekkarian and Nyx are knocked prone.
Dekkarian and Nyx stand. Nyx shakes the water out of her fur. Anika searches the cabin and finds a locked chest. Art keeps an eye out and notices 2xbandits coming from below deck. The party takes them out and collects 4gold total. After a search of the Halfling they recover a further 5gp

Dekkarian questions the Halfling about why pirates are here. Discussion talks about how its good business, he doesn’t know anything about a cult, and only knows that Grimjaw runs the castle – the pirates use it when they need provisions when told Grimjaw is dead the Halfling is disinterested.
190sp +95gp in chest
in the hold they find stolen goods: ale, salted fish and bundles of pelts (12×40gp = 480gp)
Anika uses a spell called Tensers Floating Disc to carry the pelts

The party returns to the kitchen and tells the commoners they are free to leave. 3 from the bedroom and two from the kitchen leave immediately, the others seem a little saddened. Anika asks if they’ve heard of a “madman” and they mention that the actions of Grimjaw have seemed strange compared to the past. The true source of strange activity seems to be the dark secret stairs
Art takes food to tied up people and feeds them
The party takes a long rest before returning to the hidden boat room
Dekkarian and Nyx see ghouls in the water, no magic is detected.
They choose not to encounter the ghouls and rather go and collect the prisoners.

The prisoners are tied together and they set out for Red Larch
One prisoner escapes, another breaks his leg. Art fixes the man’s leg and they take the prisoners to Harbrurk at Red Larch. They are transferred to Waterdeep. Two more escape and a total of three arrive at Waterdeep.

The Party Levels Up.

Grimjaw Revealed
Episode 7

The group silently proceeds to the gatehouse. They know if the can secure it then they have a guaranteed method of escape. Silently the creep inside and remove the weapons from the sleeping guards. They then hold blades to each of their throats and rouse them. The guards surrender seeing no other option. Quickly the group gags them and bind them to the beds. They then sneak upstairs.

The group prepares to do the same tactic as below, however Anika accidentally drops the bar to the room causing the guards to wake. However they quickly defeat the guards and secure the tower. They spare one guard and interrogate him for information.

He admits that they are not keeping the peace but are actually raiding people, however he doesn’t know anything specific and admits he thought the group had come to the keep in order to join them. The bandit also says Grimjaw is a hard task master, and he doesn’t know if any weaknesses if even he has any. When asked about the delegation the bandit doesn’t know anything about them. He does mentions a locked strong box that one of the now dead guards, Holga, kept under her bed. The bandit mentions that they have been repairing the castle over the last few months and have been conducting both boat and land raids. Finally sick of listening to him Dekkarian shoves a sock in the bandits mouth.

With a quick check on their prisoners below and on the walls the cross the wall to the great hall.

Entering through the second floor they enter into another barracks. The guards here are already awake and they charge at the group. However even in these tight quarters the group is more than a match for them.

Silently they sneak through the corridor and into another room. The stone floor here is covered in water. Across the room a figure can be seen sleeping in the bed. Dekkarian nods at the others and makes her way across the room. As she crosses she stumbles causing the water to splash. The figure awakens and starts casting spells at the group. The lone spell caster is quickly dealt with as he was not able to prepare his spells in time.

With the caster dead the group searches the room, uncovering scrolls, gold and treatise relating to sea faring. As Anika searches through the bookcase she discovers a small lever behind one of the books. Pulling on it opens a hidden passage in the wall. The group go through and shortly come to another door. The stealthily open it and inside they can see Grimjaw revelling in chests of gold. Anika quickly reads his mind and discovers that the treasure is the bounty from raids he has carried out. She telepathically relays this to the others and they charge in.

Caught off guard Grimjaw is belted by Dekkarian and Nyx while Art torments him with bardic spells. Anika takes the opportunity caused by his distraction to rifle through his mind in search of the information which she is looking for. Unfortunately she is unable to find anything of use.

Furious Grimjaw roars at the party. His skin ripples and shifts, his face lengthens and tusks sprout from his jaw. Muscles bulge under his tunic ripping at the seems.

“Lookout! Wereboar!” Anika cries out.

Grimjaw snorts and charges at Dekkarian. She manages to fend him off with her shield deflecting his lethal tusks. Nyx in her bear form claws and rips at Grimjaw drawing blood. Art expertly throws his daggers slamming into the thick hide. Anika waves her wand and Grimjaw is slammed with three bolts of force. The battle is furious, blows are exchanged by the combatants and blood is drawn several times over. However through strength of numbers Grimjaw lies dead in a pool of his own blood.

Battle at Riverguard Keep
Episode 6

“What in the nine hells is going on out here?!?”

The remaining bugbear charges towards Art.

“We are under attack by bugbears!” Dekkarian replied.

“They are my bugbears! Why are you attacking them?”

“They attacked us!” Dekkarian shouts in response as she rushes to Art’s aid.

“Guards! To arms! Kill them all”

Grimjaw slams closed the door to the great hall.

“Dammit! Art! Nyx! Do something about that door!” Dekkarian orders as she slams her flail into the bugbear’s head, crushing its skull.

Art and Nyx both concentrate for a moment. Nyx releases her spell and a soft pale glow bathes the barracks. Screams of pain can be heard coming from within. As two of the guards dash out of the barracks the run into a cloud of spinning daggers and a shredded to bits. Art smiles at the effectiveness of his spell. Anika cocks her head as if she is listening to something, she then spins around and blasts a guard off of the wall behind her. A small black shape can be seen darting along the wall.

Dekkarian, Art and Nyx prepare for the remaining guards from the barracks as the come from the opposite side of the building. Anika covers their backs by blasting a couple more approaching guards coming from the dock wall. They make short work of the guards and proceed to explore their immediate surroundings.

Anika cocks her head again and tells the others that there is another group coming from around the building. As Nyx and Dekkarian prepare to deal with this new threat Art goes inside the Chapel to investigate. Inside there is a priestess giving a sermon, behind her is the symbol of the Deep Water cult. She preaches of the truth of the deep waters and of great things to come, of the oceans to swallow the land and those of the chosen to survive. In the pews sit two bored guards who are barely paying attention.

“Come in, come in. It’s so nice to have a new disciple”

“Ah no, I’m sorry for disturbing you please continue, I’ll just let myself out.”

The guards begin to take notice of the break in the sermon and reach for their weapons. Art whispers under his breathe and the two guards slump asleep in the pews.

“Sorry, sorry, must be going.”

“I must insist that you stay.”

With that the priestess gestures with her hand ending in a clasping motion at Art. For an instant he can feel his body begin to held in place, but with a strength of will he manages to break the spell. Swearing he flings a dagger at the priestess. The dagger flys for her chest however it bounces of a magical force surrounding her. Taking advantage of the distraction however he darts outside.

Meanwhile Dekkarian and Nyx are attacking the approaching group while Anika covers their rear. They had managed to defeat two of the guards quickly however the third had shifted into the form of a water elemental and was proving rather difficult to land a blow on. Suddenly behind them a blizzard erupts out of nowhere covering the chapel. A figure can be seen darting around the corner while another stands in the doorway with its arms raised. Anika is caught in the blizzard and swears, quickly ducking into the nearest room. She looks around and finds herself in the lavatory.

Dekkarian tells Nyx to go and help Art, he can deal with the serpent. Nyx growls in response taking another swipe at the writhing water before running towards the Chapel. Dekkarian turns back to the serpent.

“Come at me you water lizard.”

Anika sees Nyx’s bear form run into the blizzard and is swallowed. She knows she can’t be in two places at once and both need her help. Or maybe she came? She communicates with Jasper on the far wall and instructs him to approach the water snake form the opposite side. She then pulls out her wand of magic missiles aims at the priestess and activates it. Three bolts of force slam into the priestess making her stumble. Meanwhile Jasper approaches the water snake ready to pounce. Anika prepares an electrical spell for Jasper to deliver however just before he can launch the attack Dekkarian slams her flail into the snake and it crashes to the ground reverting back to its human form. Anika looks back to the priestess to see her go down with a dagger solidly lodged in her chest. With that Art goes into the Chapel and a few moments later returns, wiping blood from his rapier.

The group gathers together outside of the Chapel and catch their breath. All that can be heard is the movement of water coming from the harbour.

The Missing Delegation
Episode 5

Upon arriving in Beliard the group goes to the Watchful Night Tavern in order to gather some information. Upon entering the tavern Anika excuses herself and has a quick word with the tavern keeper. She returns to the others and informs them that she will be absent for about the next hour and she will catch up with them later, she then heads upstairs.

Meanwhile Dekkarian, Nyx and Art start gathering information. Dekkarian asks the proprietor of the Watchful Night tavern if they have heard anything. He mentions that a cattle drover had spoken of an encounter about ten miles south of the town one week ago. Dekkarian thanks the man and goes to speak to the cattle drover for further information. Apparently he saw the delegation heading south as he was driving his cattle to market. Shortly after he noticed large flying creatures in the sky which appeared to have men riding them. He described the creatures as massive vultures. Grateful for the drink from Dekkarian he concludes that he has no other information which he could tell them about it.

Art and Nyx ask around the tavern and the locals a bit more and find out that a strange monk in a golden mask left a few hours before the delegation. The town’s constable is nervous and unhappy about what is happening so close to his town however he doesn’t know any more information. They do find out that there are warriors who use giant vultures that live near Feather Glade Spire to the east of Red Larch and have been noticed to be more active recently. While they did not know of what sect these warriors belonged to they appeared more like knights then they did bandits. The group re-joins and is shortly joined by Anika who is being followed by a small black cat with unusual golden eyes.

They head south down the road for about 15 miles with no encounters. Nyx notices ravens and cultures circling to the west of the road. The group leaves the road in order to investigate. They walk upon a scene of carnage. The remains of the delegation lie dead at their feet. The scavenging birds pick at the flesh from the corpses. Approximately a dozen of the corpses are soldiers. Flapping limply in the wind is the emblem of a red axe from the Mirrabar delegation. They discover among the corpses the bodies of five dead bug bears who wear black armor with a symbol embossed into the metal. They also discover the body of a human woman dressed in monk’s robes and a golden mask. Dekkarian quickly pockets the mask.

Nyx locates tracks leading away from the battle site that go west in the direction of the river. She is able to determine that about thirty bugbears and humans travelled that wat. The group follows the tracks to the river. Upon the shore they can see that several boats had been beached here at one stage however the group is unable to continue following the trail from this point. They agree to head back to the road and report their findings to the Summit Hall.

Arriving at Summit Hall they meet with Lady Ushien Stormbanner. The group tells of their journey and what has befallen the delegation. Dekkarian shows the symbols which were discovered and the involvement of bugbears and vulture riders as well as the monk’s mask. Ushien does not have any information in regards to the symbols, bugbears or the vulture riders however she recognises the mask as one belonging to the monks at the Sacred Stone Monastery. With their rations restocked the group sets off the next day.

Heading back along The Dessarian Road towards Beliard they encounter a group of five Aarakocoa travelling south. Both groups acknowledge the other and pass on without incident. The group crosses the Stone Bridge and then travels south following the river.

Soon they come across the Valley of Dancing Waters. The narrow gorge carries a trio of creeks down to the Dessarin River in cascades of water. As the group heads into the gorge they notice that the path is well kept. Upon the stones towards the base of the path is ornate carvings. They encounter a small group of dwarves working on a shrine nearby. The dwarves welcome the group and explain that it is a sacred site important to their heritage. It has been tended to for millennia, with them having tended to it themselves for the past two hundred years. While they have not had much contact from the outside world they have noticed some unusual activity near one of the entrances to the valley. The group thanks the dwarves for their hospitality and continue towards Riverguard Keep.

The group soon arrived at Riverguard Keep, a stout castle standing on the banks of the Dessarin River. It consists of a stone keep and gatehouse linked by a curtain wall to a river tower and dock. Along the ramparts can be seen scaffolding and new repairs. In the dock the party notices a couple of keep boats. Upon the wall flies a white banner with a blue gauntlet. The group scouts out the immediate area under the cover of darkness and then approaches the Keep’s gate.

Art announces himself as a world famous performer who has lost his way from the main road and seeks shelter for the night. Dekkarian also entreats the guard and offers to pay for them to spend the night. After some muted conversation from the other side of the door they open the gate and the group is escorted by four men into the keep. Dekkarian asks about the rumors that the keep is haunted however they do not know of anything unusual in that regards. They say that they are looking to make the area safer for travelers due to the rise of bandit attacks in the area.

The group is taken to the great hall where they find a rather imposing sullen looking gentleman at the head of the table flanked by two guards. Introducing himself as the leader of the knights here Jolliver Grimjaw asks why they have come to his keep. They explain that they have become lost and Art announces that in return for rest he shall entertain the room with his mastery of music. Jolliver allows this and after a masterful performance allows the group to join for the meal. Afterwards the group is escorted to the barracks where ten guards reside.

The group is asked if they have come to join the cause, when Nyx asks about the cause the guards begin to look slightly nervous. Dekkarian quickly defuses the situation by suggesting the cause is to protect the area and the guards nod and agree. Dekkarian follows up by asking how they can join such a noble cause and the inform the group that they would need to talk to Grimjaw. They ask if any unusual creature sightings have been in the area, such as bugbears and while the deny such they can tell that there is something he is not telling them.

Anika announces that she needs to say her prayers beneath the stars and leaves the room. Sitting just outside the barracks she nods to her cat Jasper who dashes into the darkness. Getting into a comfortable position she then links her mind to Jasper’s and sees through his eyes. Under her direction he scouts around the keep.

Back inside the Barracks Dekkarian starts to play a dice game with the guards. Art, restless, goes to open a door. A couple of the guards nearby begin to reach for their weapons. Art explains that he is just looking for the toilet and is told that it is not that way and that he forbidden to roam the keep freely. Anika comes back into the room a few minutes later sans one black cat however the guards do not notice.

Later that night Anika explains to the group telepathically the layout of the keep she was able to explore and that there were a few rooms Jasper could not investigate. Nyx volunteers to explore these rooms in her rat form and scurries out of the room unnoticed. Anika, inside the mind of Jasper, accompanies her to make sure that she is safe. Nyx discovers the chain tower which controls the harbor chain. Going to the opposite side of the keep Nyx squeezes under the door into a room which smells strongly of bugbear.

Nyx notices a movement in the corner and notices a bugbear rise and start moving towards her, she quickly squeezes under the door and begins to run. Jasper darts behind her, grabs her in his mouth and dashes back to the barracks. The door behind them slams open and three bugbears rush out. Two of the bugbears are stunned with the sudden change of light while the third gives chase. Jasper drops Nyx off at the barracks door before continuing to flee towards the docks. Nyx escapes into the barracks and the others prepare to fend off the approaching threat.

Two of the bugbears smash open the door and begin to attack. The group fends them off and manages to defeat them both. The soldiers in the bunkhouse do not try to give assistance against the bugbears. The party leaves the room to deal with the third bugbear. As they prepare to face it Grimjaw is heard shouting into the night.

“What in the nine hells is going on out here?!?”

The Tomb of the Moving Stones Pt2.
Episode 4

Anika dives behind the statue and curses under her breath as she pulls the crossbow bolt from the writhing flesh on her back. She is grateful that Kelvin Blade, her Martial Studies instructor, made sure that she took the Fiendish Vigor invocation before she left on her journey. Her compatriots drew their weapons and rushed to the fore front.

“We are the Bringers of Woe! We guard the moving stones. We commend you for coming this far and we shall reward your curiosity with a swift death!”

Nyx roared in her bear form and charged at the bandits, Dekkarian and Art hot on her heels. Anika fired blast after blast using the statue as cover. Soon the battle was over and the bandits lay dead at their feet. Dekkarian rushes over to Anika.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Are you ok? I saw you take a couple of hits.”

Dekkarian smiles as she runs a hand over the gash on her arm. A flash of light and the wound is gone.

“It looks as if I have work to do in this world yet”

The group turns back to Baragustus. He is on his knees, head down, grovelling.

“Please spare my life. I mean you know harm, please don’t hurt me.”

Nyx, still in her bear form, roars at him.

“I think you better let us past, our friend here seems a bit worked up.” Anika suggests.

“Yes, yes. Of course. Please just don’t let it eat me.”

Dekkarian looks at Baragustus.

“So what’s in this room?”

“It is the room of prophecy, the room of the Moving Stones. We do not know much about it other than they foretell the future. The stones you see, when no one is watching the move and it is from this movement and the locations we are able to determine what they are telling us.”

Nyx shoves past Baragustus knocking the old man from his feet.

“Do not touch the stones or it will invoke the wrath of the Delvers!”

Upon entering the room Nyx can smell the scent of men, living and dead. In the center of the room is a lamp illuminating stone monoliths of various size around the room. Three large stone arches stand within the chamber and along the edge of the room are six stone slabs.

“What are these bodies on the slabs? They look like they have been mummified.” Anika says.

“They are the Delvers. They watch over and guide us in their infinite wisdom from the other side.”

“What about the boy?” Dekkarian asks, “What did he do that warranted such punishment.”

“Ah, Braelin. Well yes, I thought his punishment was a bit harsh but it was commanded that he be punished as such as he was too late in delivering the message of the collapse.”

“Who commanded such a thing?”

Art cries out in alarm, however his cry seems drawn out oddly. The others turn to look at him and it looks as if he is moving in slow motion. Anika recognizes the spell.

“Spell caster!” She cries out.

Anika cannot see where the spell originated from and starts running towards the lamp. With a blast of eldritch energy, she smashes it causing the room to fall into darkness. She makes a quick turn and dashes in a different direction from where she was heading. Not a moment too soon as an ear splitting concussive force erupts where she would have been. A nearby stone shatters into fragments. Anika calls to the others.

“I cannot see him; he must be behind one of the rocks on the far wall.”

Nyx Lifts her snout in the air and give a deep sniff. She locks onto an unfamiliar sent and charges in the direction where it orginated. Art pursues also, however still moving slowly. Dekkarian takes up watch against the door, carefully scanning for danger. She hears the sound of battle as Nyx reaches her target and the sound of daggers being flung from Art. Anika reaches her to replace her and Dekkarian races to assist Nyx and Art.

The Wizard, badly injured from the combined attack from the bear and the knife throwing tiefling, hears the armored form of another foe approaching. With an oath under his breath and a hand clutching at his torn side he dashes to the back of the room. There he pulls a hidden lever and a hidden passage way is revealed. Dashing down the corridor he can hear his foes in pursuit. Thinking it may kill maybe one or more and allow his escape he pulls another lever further in the tunnel causing it to collapse.

Nyx gasps as the dust clears. Her hefty bear bulk is trapped beneath the debris from the cave in. Dekkarian rushes over and holds aloft the pinning rubble. Nyx’s form ripples and constricts back into her regular gnome form. She darts out from beneath the rubble and thanks Dekkarian. Dekkarian nods, relieved that her little gnome companion is unharmed. She has lost too many friends before and does not wish to see another fall.

They rejoin Anika who has been in conversation with Baragustus.

“Apparently the wizard is named Larikh. He was instrumental in interpreting the stone’s meaning. However old ‘Gustus here was unaware of the secret entrance over there. You know, being a guard and all.”

Dekkarian nods and as she passes through one of the stone archways she notices the stones nearby begin to levitate. She points this out to Anika who pauses for a moment.

“Ah I see. This Larikh was manipulating the Bringers of Woe. He was slipping in while no one was inside and moving the stones around with the assistance of their levitating properties. Afterwards he would rejoin them and declare the prophecy. What I don’t understand is why he was manipulating them in the first place. The Delvers they so worship were just dwarven miners, most likely ones who died while excavating this place. Something is going on here that we don’t know about.”

Dekkarian looks at Baragustus.

“You worshiped a false idol. You allowed yourself to be manipulated and deceived. There is no divine prophecy, the Delvers are not the gods which you worship them for. They are naught but long forgotten rotting corpses in the dark.”

“No! You are wrong!” Baragustus exclaims, “They have predicted the future before and they will again. The Delvers shall guide us in their wisdom and show us the true path!”

The group follow the tunnel leading from the front of the complex and the group emerges out into Red Larch’s Wagon Works. After escorting a confused and mumbling Baragustus to his home the group reports their adventure to Constable Harburk. Agreeing that it is a serious matter in deed he sounds out several of his men to conduct investigations and make arrests. Harburk had not heard of the man named Larikh and knows no one of his description, although he had heard of some unsubstantiated rumors however could not investigate with no solid evidence.

Over the next week major changes are made in the town. The hole in the crossroads is covered over and repaired, ensuring to shore up the structure below to make sure there is no further collapse. The towns people themselves are shaken and make wild accusations about their neighbors who may have been acting suspiciously. Thankfully Harburk is able to keep all in hand without it becoming a witch hunt. However, several of the elders step down from their positions as leaders of the town and a new mayor must be elected. Many believe that Harburk should lead the town as mayor, being of sound reasoning, however others believe that his wife should lead as she is beloved by the town. Harburk puts a quick end to the debate however stating that he enjoys his current role as constable and believes that he can do more for the town as a man of the law.

New rumors emerge from the town. There is talk of bad omens, of the days being hotter than they should be. How the dark clouds on the horizon never seem to move or to break. That there are strange dust storms now ravaging the land. Many people are anxious and the feel of the town becomes muted from the normal.

Nyx gathers the group once more. She has received a note from her contact at the Emerald Enclave, Haeleeya the bath house woman. Apparently two ten days ago it was expected that a member of the Enclave would report to Haeleeya. They had not turned up. Upon speaking to Haeleeya it was revealed that one of the members was a moon elf named Terasyl who was carrying a pouch of magical seeds in order to grow a magical grove by the abbey in Golden Fields. Haeleeya received a correspondence from Brother Eardon, a worshiper of the God of the Dawn, who confirmed that the delegation was in Belained two ten days ago, however he became concerned when they did not show up at their destination of the Summit Hall.

The group prepares to move to investigate. Anika drops off a letter with Kayleesa with instructions to send it on. Kayleesa agrees to do this and lets Anika know that she has discovered more information. There have been reports of a madman at Riverguard Keep to the east. There have been rumors of figures flying in the sky upon winged beasts which have also been seen to the east, she points out both locations on the map. Anika thanks her for the information and returns to the group.

Anika reveals the new information to the group and it is decided that they shall first search for the delegation. While Anika is a bit put out about having to delay her search for the relic once more she concedes that she cannot search for it without their assistance and accepts the decision. However it is agreed that on the way back that they shall investigate the Keep upon their return. Nyx announces that she will inform Haeleeya that they are leaving.

As the group travels from Red Larch to the town of Belained via the road through the Sumber Hills they hear a screech from above. Two Perytons circle above. Suddenly one drops and attacks Anika. She gasps in pain as she is struck but lashes out a hand crackling with lightning and manages to escape. Dekkarian and Nyx set upon the downed foe with Flail and claw. Meanwhile Art casts his gaze upon the other Peryton and speaks in arcane casting his hand at it. The peryton falls from the sky, slamming into the ground, fast asleep. The group makes short work of the beasts and continue on their way.

The Tomb of the Moving Stones Pt1.
Episode 3

Catching their breath Art, Anika, Nyx and Dekkarian take a moment to look at the tools on the table. There are some hand saws. Knives, metal bowls, a cask of fresh water and some grain alcohol. While the items were of minor interest there was nothing which they could see which would be of particular importance which can’t wait until their return. The group then sets off after the robed figure who ran down the corridor to deal with the “Lord of Lance Rock”.

Following the tunnel deeper into the caves the group reaches another cavern. The cavern is lined with purple tapestries. In the centre of the room there is a pedestal and upon it a glowing sphere. Above the sphere is a dark sigil. It was shaped like an upside down pyramid surrounded by a dark purple and no light was contained within except for a long purple oval in the centre running from top to bottom. Anika examines the sigil and quickly determines that it is a minor illusion and that the orb below the sigil is a drift globe. Knowing this and knowing that the drift globe is only active if the person who activated it is within 60 feet they have a closer look around the room. They notice a pair of feet sticking out from beneath one of the tapestries.

Knowing that he is caught once Dekkarian announces his presence the figure reveals himself. He introduces himself as Orieoth and that he is working for a master, although he does not know the man’s name. He tells the adventurers that the man rescued him from a life of poverty after his family was killed, under the man’s tutelage he was taught in the ways of necromancy. He reveals when questioned that Varis, or indeed any elf, had not been in the area. Orieoth is feeling judged and is unhappy with the group for as far as he knows he has done nothing wrong other than raising corpses as animated servants. Anika presses for more information and when Orieoth does not volunteer any further information she threatens to rip the information from his mind which, she insinuates, may impact his ability to perform magic. Terrified of this Orieoth whips out a wand from his robe and attacks.

While surprising the attack is short lived and Art knocks Orieoth unconscious. They tie him up and remove his wand from his possession. While Orieoth is unconscious the group does a thorough search of the room which involves tearing down the tapestries. Behind them they find hollow niches in the cavern wall. Within they find 78 gold pieces, 165 silver pieces, four jet gems, spare clothes, bedding and some rations. Dekkarian lifts the unconscious mage over her shoulder and Art takes the drift globe from its pedestal. The drift globe’s glow fades and so does the sigil above. They then exit the cave and take a rest outside allowing their eyes adjust to the daylight. They then set off to return to Red Larch.

Upon returning to Red Larch the group takes Orieoth to Constable Harburk. The constable is confounded on what to do with Orieoth as there is no real evidence of any misdoings. Through patient explanation, showing what they had found within the cave and the descriptions of the undead corpses Harburk agrees to lock Orieoth in the pen and ship him to Waterdeep where the guard there is better equipped to deal with the situation.

Finished with Orieoth the group then returns to Kayleesa in order to report back and claim their reward. Keyleesa is ecstatic that the problem is resolved and doesn’t even notice when Anika says that she agreed to allow the group three days’ lodgings in addition to their reward. The party then goes to the local shop and sells all of the items which they had accumulated which they had no purpose to keep. Splitting the earnings from their adventure they repurpose their equipment. They then settle in for a good rest and their own personal styles of training.

At the end of the week Art is at the crossroads entertaining the local children and the women and elders who are unable to work in the fields. Nyx, Dekkarian and Anika are at the barber shop, which also doubles as a rumour mill and local tavern, trying to ferret out more information. They hear tales of a shepherd finding freshly dug graves in the Sumberhills. Suddenly outside there is a deep rumbling and the ground shakes. The three of them rush outside to see what is going on.

At the crossroads a portion of the ground has collapsed and they see Art pulling rope from his backpack. Art informs the group as he secures the rope to a post that three children fell in when the ground collapsed. Ignore an elderly man’s protests the Art and Nyx descends down the hole after the children. They quickly locate the children and call up that they are shaken but otherwise unharmed. Tying the rope around each child Dekkarian pulls them out one at a time while Anika assists the children climbing out from the hole as they reach the rim.

With the children safe the group decides to investigate below. In one of the cavern walls is a large room with a stone door with a ring set into it. Upon opening the door there is a sloping stone hall heading downwards. As the group travels about sixty feet the hall evens out and there are two dwarven statues on either side, the corridor continues along. Upon closer inspection both statues appear to be doors. They check behind one of the statues and it leads to what appears to be an ancient dwarven toilet.

Through the other they notice that there is not a large enough amount of dust on the floor to determine if anyone has been through the area or not. Deciding to veer of the entrance hall the follow this one, which descends in height until the six-foot-tall Anika could reach above her to touch the ceiling, until it reached another door similar to the one in the main cavern. This door had noticeable dwarven workmanship in the iron framework surrounding the stone door.

Upon opening the door, the group is hit with the stench of decaying flesh. Inside is a square room where several human bodies are lying. Upon the bodies feeding on the corpses are a couple of large rats, the size of small dogs. Nyx attempts to communicate with the animals however they ignore her in favour of the feast which they are currently devouring. In fact, they are so engrossed by this they do not notice the party work their way around the room and leave from the other side.

In the next room there is a large flat black rock hovering above the floor. Upon inspection it is one foot in diameter and floats about three feet. Nyx notices a cone surrounding the block and determines that it is a transmutation spell utilising levitation. It appears to be permanently fixed to the centre of the room. Seeing nothing else of interest the group continues further into the complex.

In the next room is a large statue of a dwarf holding a shield and a battle axe. It appears to have been broken into three pieces at one stage and then piled rejoined at some point. On the base of the statue lies a treasure trove of items. 97 gold coins, 253 silver pieces, 440 copper pieces, six small green agate gems, two moon stones and a dagger. The dagger emits a magical aura around it. On its blade is engraved the word Rezor, the blue leather grip is covered in a star motif, upon the steel of the blade can be seen dried blood. Art, being an expert in daggers, claims it for his own. A plaque on the base of the statue reads “Petrified Ironstar Dwarf Found…”

The party decides to check the room to the east which would lead back to the entrance to the complex. Across the chamber they see a half-orc peering through a slit in the door and down the hallway. There are chains and bars lining the walls and in the centre of the room, pinned under a large rock, is a human child. Anika calls out to the half-orc who spins around with eyes wide.

“You should not be here.” He announces.

They try to engage him in conversation, but he simply responds again with,

“You should not be here.”

On the third iteration of this he pulls out his sword and attacks the party.

The fight is short though brutal. Nyx shifted into her bear form and mauled the half-orc ripping out his throat and entrails and spilling them across the floor. Dekkarian lifts the rock from the boy freeing him from his captivity. The boy thanks the group and introduces himself as Braelin. He had been sent to deliver a message to Ilmeth by his father, Hathahand. However as he was late with the message he was being punished. He does not know much about the complex other than the Believers use the caverns as a meeting place. Of the believers he only knows of Hathahand, Ilmeth, Milandre-Galcur and Baragustus. Giving the boy some water and rations they send the child on his way.

They return to the previous chamber where the dwarf statue is and Nyx in her bear form pushes open the door on the far side. Inside is an old man sitting on a stool in front of another door. His eyes open wide as he sees the bear in the door way and he whimpers in fear. Art strolls past the bear and engages him in conversation. The old man introduces himself as Baragustus and begs not to be hurt. He freely reveals that he is guarding the door to the room of the Moving Stones however he doesn’t know anything about the dead people in the other room.

Suddenly a twang of a crossbow can be heard and Anika swears in pain as she is struck by a crossbow bolt. Standing on the far side of the room are six bandits, one in the process of reloading his crossbow.

Journey into the Necromancer's Cave
Episode 2

“We should be careful, there are bound to be more undead here.” Anika states.

Nodding in agreement the four adventurers proceed carefully into the cave system. The walls of the tunnel had large cracks and they group made sure to keep a careful eye on them in case there were any more surprises. Soon they came across a cavern, in the center of the cavern was a large boulder with a large dark stain upon it. Dekkarian proceeded into the cavern.

Suddenly rocks fell from above the entrance knocking Dekkarian to the floor. Two zombies quickly tumble afterwards lurching towards the fallen tiefling. Anika lets loose a blast of eldritch energy catching one of the zombies by surprise while Nyx bludgeons the other zombie with her staff. Dekkarian regains her feet and fends of the attacking zombie. Art whips his rapier with lightning speed and pierces the zombie through the eye and into its brain, it falls limply to the floor dead. The group makes short work of the remaining zombie and they pause to catch their breath.

Looking around the room they can see where the ledge is above the entrance to the cave. There are two more exits, one to the north which leads twenty feet before turning west and another to the south which leads thirty feet before bending to the east. Upon closer inspection of the boulder in the center of the room the dark stain appeared to be dried blood. It was evident by now that dark deeds where transpiring here. After a brief conversation the party decides to go down the south tunnel.

The tunnel is long and dark, however the group are fortunate enough to have keen eyesight which allows them to see in nearly perfect darkness. This was indeed fortunate as the rough irregular walls of the tunnel had spurs sticking out from the walls. Others had not been as lucky as the group as was evidenced by the dried blood on several of the spurs.

Ahead of the group the corridor opened into another cavern. Within could be seen three more zombies. However, these were dressed rather peculiarly. One wore a bear costume, another a frilly dress and the third a jester’s outfit.

Dekkarian gives a silent signal and they charge to attack. Anika launches a surprise attack on the jester hitting it in the chest with an eldritch blast. One of its bells goes flying and jingles as it hits the ground. The rest of the party joins the fray and soon all three zombies lie dead at their feet. Dekkarian eyes the costumed zombies and decides to claim the headpiece of the bear costume. She gets a couple of funny looks from the others but they decide to let it go. As far as personality quirks go it seems harmless enough.

Other than the entrance which they entered through there are two more passages in the room, one which leads south east and the other south west. Neither seemed particularly remarkable so the choose the south east corridor by random. The corridor curves as they travel along and soon they come to a large long cavern. Unlike the others so far this cavern is well lit. They can see three tables in front of them where body parts lie upon them, in front of the tables are baskets wherein can be seen more body parts. In front of them with its back to the group stands a robed figure. Further into the cavern there is a large stone slab with various tools, weapons and cruel looking knives. At the far back of the cavern stand four animated skeletons, each holding a short bow.

Nyx moves forward confidently and casts a spell. From her arm a long thorny whip shoots forth and wraps itself around the robed figure pulling him closer towards the group. As the thorns rip into its robe they can see it is another zombie, this one holding a sewing needle and black thread. However the sudden movement spark more movement within the cavern, not from the skeletons who remain motionless, but from the baskets in front of the tables. Five clawed hands scrabble out and race towards the party.

It is a furious battle, the group unused to the size of these much smaller opponents struggle against them, blows often going wide from their mark. Meanwhile the hands strike at Dekkarian and Nyx who are holding the front line. It appears that they are in some serious trouble as Dekkarian falls and the group have suffered serious wounds. However they are spurred on to assist their comrade and find new vigor to defeat the last of their opponents.

Nyx quickly sees to healing Dekkarian while Art and Anika keep a look out. They notice that the skeletons at the far end of the cavern have not moved. Once Dekkarian is back on her feet they decide to retreat to the previous room and have a rest.

Uninjured from the fight Anika strolls around the cavern listening for any encroaching noise. It is silent. She decides to quickly scout down the corridor to the south west which they have not explored yet. It travels upwards and ends in a cavern where two chests lie. She hesitates at the sight of the chests, surely there are riches inside. She decides to go back to the party and let them know that they are there. It is only right after all since they are all sharing the danger of this place.

Soon the party is fully rested and their wounds are bound. They go to investigate the chests. Dekkarrian eyes the ceiling after remembering what happened in the previous cavern and hoists her shield above her head. She approaches the chests with caution. She cannot see any traps leading from the traps so she decides to open one. Suddenly an ominous voice declares that they are the lord of Lance Rock. The group tries to entreat the voice claiming they only want to try to help them. A booming laughter echoes of the walls and a click can be heard. With shield above her head Dekkarian dives for the exit, narrowly missing being struck by the ceiling caving in. Dusting herself off she looks back into the room. In the dust a stream of light can be seen coming from a crack in the wall. The broken chests lie on the floor, only wood and splinters remain. They had been empty.

The group retreats for the time being and goes back down the caverns. They decide to investigate the corridor which they haven’t been down where the boulder covered in dried blood was. After rounding the corner, they can see it opens up into a chamber. There are several motionless humanoid figures in scraps of armor laying against the walls. Five of the figures seem to retain some flesh and muscles while three or four appear to be only skeletons, one the floor are some short swords. There does not appear to be any other exit to the chamber. The party decides to retreat from the room as it appears to be of little reward.

They return to the large cavern where they battled the clawed hands and the black robed zombie. Art, Dekkarian and Nyx approach the skeletons at the far end while Anika ducks behind one of the tables preparing to cast her spells from a distance. As they approach the skeletons turn their skulls and watch the group approach. They hear a muttering and standing behind the skeletons they see a dark robed figure.

The figure notices them and commands them to halt, claiming that he is the Lord of Lance Rock. Anika tries to distract him from noticing the others advance by engaging him in conversation, however he declares that he is bored and refuses to answer any questions that she puts forth to him. He suddenly notices that the others have drawn closer and commands them to halt once more. Art threatens him however the figure seems amused by this.. He raises his hand and the skeletons raise their bows and begin tracking the three approaching people. He commands them to halt once more however they do not. He drops his hand and the skeletons let loose a volley of arrows at the group.

Dekkarian lets loose a lusty battle roar and charges towards the figure. The figure panics at this display of confidence and bravado and flees down a corridor. The group charges at the skeletons and Anika blasts the skeletons with eldritch energy. Arrows and energy blasts fly across the room, pieces of bone go flying and the wooden arrows splinter off of rock. Dekkarian, Art and Nyx draw into melee range and slam into the skeletons. They pull out their short swords however it is to no avail and they skeletons soon lie in pieces upon the floor.

The Party Meets
Episode 1

“Still no information in regards to the location of the haunted keep.”

Anika sipped her herbal tea. It was early morning in Red Larch. The Swinging Sword Inn was almost empty with most of the villagers out working in the fields or at the quarry. There were a couple of other tieflings in the inn, which was unusual in itself in a village this size. One was juggling daggers in prominent display by the fireplace, he looked to have some kind of instrument near him.

“Must be a travelling Bard, I should talk to him later he may of discovered something that may help finding the keep” Anika thought to herself.

The other tiefling was sitting at an empty table in the corner deep in thought. It seemed as if she might of had some trouble on the road, her metal armour had more than just road dust covering it. She was paying the Bard no mind while she dutifully cleaned her flail.

Just then the door to the inn opened. Not odd in itself but as Anika was near the windows she had not noticed anyone approaching. Anika glanced towards the door and the reason as to why was immediately apparent. A three foot gnome strolled in looking as chipper as a songbird.

“Must be another traveller. I haven’t seen any gnomes here yet.”

The gnome looked around the room, empty other then the three tieflings and Kaylesa the proprietor. She settled her gaze on the bard and marched up to him, ignoring the daggers he was juggling.

“Hey there, I’m Nyx. I don’t suppose you have seen an elf travelling through here recently? Really tall, pointy ears, long hair, may of looked like a tiger?”

The Bard chuckled.

“Alas I have not. However you should be most excited to learn that you have come across the legendary hero Art! I, who have beaten bandits single handed, rescued fair damsels in distress and battled a mud sorcerer and lived to tell the tale! Please, please no need for applause.”


“Ri-ight. Ok then. How about you?”

Anika thought for a moment, savouring the taste of the tea.

“Sorry no I haven’t. I have been asking around for a particular haunted keep, but I have not seen or heard of an Elf of that description. Oh, my name is Anika.”

Nyx sighs and pouts.

“I would be careful on those roads if you are looking to head out. The caravan I was with was attacked by riders on hippogriff on our way into town”

Anika turns to look at the tiefling as she lays her flail on the table.

“Dekkarian.” She nods in greeting.

“I couldn’t help overhearing, but I may be able to assist you fine folks.”

All four turn to look at Kaylesa, who had given up the pretence of cleaning the same section of the bar.

“Only thing is I want you to do me a favour. There is some strange happenings in the south west at Lance Rock. There is talk of some construction taking place there, a door in a wall apparently, not to mention that the wildlife in the area seems to be disappearing. Our constable, Harburk, while being a good man is much too focused on the town to go and see about it. A bit short sighted if you ask me but it is what it is I suppose.” She pauses, "In fact not too long ago we had an elf fellow matching that description saying that he was going to check it out, saying something about the natural balance being out of order. What was his name? I think it began with a v?

“Varis?” Nyx asks eagerly.

“Yes! I that was it. Varis. I haven’t seen him since though. Mind you I wouldn’t go alone if I were you, bound to be something dangerous there. I tell you what, you do this for me and I will make some enquiries and see if I can’t get the information that you are after. And just to sweeten the deal I will throw in a 50 gold if you sort it out.”

The three tieflings and the gnome travel across town to the Red Larch bath house.

“There is someone here who may be able to give us more information” Nyx tells the group.

They open the door and enter. Inside mannequins stand against the wall in various states of dress. Dekkarian takes a closer look at one of the dresses, with what appears to be an almost wistful look on her face. The owner of the bath house is sitting behind a counter, sewing what appears to be a tunic.

“Come in, come in. I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

She pins the fabric together and places it to one side.

“Now what can I do for you?”

Before Nyx can speak Art interrupts.

“My fair woman, we were told that you may have some interesting information that could be useful to us. We would appreciate it if you would be willing to divulge the particulars.”

“Me? I’m just a simple bath house operator and seamstress good sir. What could I possibly know?”

Nyx frowns at Art and pushes him to one side. She makes a nondescript gesture.

“I think you know what I mean.”

The woman’s eyes widen slightly and she nods.

“Ah yes I see. Of course. I am Haeleeya, how can I help you?”

“We are looking for information in regards to Lance Rock and my mentor Varis.”

“Varis was here, but he did not stay long, just enough to drop off some… Correspondence. He too was going to Lance Rock. The journey is about two days on foot. The wildlife in the area has been reported to be declining, I assume that’s your purpose there. There doesn’t seem to be any particularly unusual predators in the area. Other than that not much else I can say.”

“There has also been attacks by hippogriff raiders, and a mud sorcerer have you heard anything about that?”

“I know there are some hippogriff riders around, but this is the first I have heard of any attacks. In regards to the sorcerer, no, nothing that I know of either.”

Anika speaks up.

“How about a madman in a haunted keep?”

“Well there some castles around in the Sumberhills, but I haven’t heard of any madmen. I will keep my ear out for you though.”

Nyx thanked Haeleeya, and the the four set off for their journey to Lance rock.

The journey to Lance Rock is uneventful and the group makes good time. Along the way they discuss their abilities. Dekkarian a war priest who worships a God of thunder, though she does not reveal their name and the group does not press her. Art with some minor ability in magic through bardic arts and skill with a rapier and throwing daggers. Anika turns out to be a spell caster of the dark arts who reveals that she had is searching for a lost relic of her order, though she doesn’t give any particulars when pressed. And Nyx who is a Druid with the ability to shift into animals and command the elements to some degree.

Soon the Rock looms above them, jutting out forming a natural cover. A narrow ravine leads down to the base of the rock at a steep angle littered with granite and limestone rock formations. Approaching the base they see a natural cave in front of them. There is a sign in front of the cave which reads;

“Come no closer lest you catch the disfiguring plague that afflicts me – The Lord of Lance Rock.”

Ignoring the sign the group enters the cave where a second sign read the same. Art gives it a solid kick and it spins around and falls to the ground. Scrawled on the back in white chalk are the words “Necromancer’s Cave”. Looking ahead further into the cave the see a body lying on the ground.

“I’ve a bad feeling about this, something isn’t right.” Anika says as she hangs back.

“It’s fine. Look. Your dead aren’t you?” Art pokes the corpse with his rapier.

With a moan the corpse rises to its feet and takes a swing at Art.


The group quickly descends upon the zombie and finishes it off.

“We should be careful, there are bound to be more undead here.” Anika states.

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