An exiled Barbarian far from home


A Barbarian from the far north. His corded muscles bulge in an intimidating display of strength.


After his exile from his home in the far north Conan traveled south to seek his fortune. Unfortunately ignorant about the culture in the south he fell in with a bad crowd. After having his drink spiked in a local tavern he was robbed and sold into slavery.

He awoke on the road chained in a barred cart. Not even his mighty strength could break his bonds. However he did manage to injure his captors several times over the journey. The Slavers caught on quickly however and limited his food and water in order to keep him weak and malleable. It was on their journey through the Dessarin Valley when the slaver caravan was attacked. Conan was saved.

This belief was short lived. He soon found out that he had traded one master for another as the Black Earth Cult had captured the caravan with the intent on having the slaves work in the mines beneath the Sacred Stone Monastery.

Months passed. New slaves were brought in to take the place of those that perished in the mines. During this time Conan met a female wizard named Gandalf. He took pity on her and made sure to take extra care of her when he could, providing for her as an older protective brother would. He often would share his rations with her when he could, worked by her and took the brunt of any rockfalls that would occur and ensured that no harm came to her from the other slaves.

One day a group of adventurers infiltrated the mines and set the slaves free. Along with Gandalf he decided to join with the adventurers in their quest. However after an encounter with some gargoyles and a fifty foot drop he decided that the adventuring life was not for him. The group returned to Red Larch and there Conan sought employment with the local guard. A steady job, three meals a day and a relatively peaceful town. What more could he ask for in a new home. His companion Gandalf also was considering staying in town. He hoped that she would stay, he did feel fondly after the young wizard after all.


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