The Tomb of the Moving Stones Pt1.

Episode 3

Catching their breath Art, Anika, Nyx and Dekkarian take a moment to look at the tools on the table. There are some hand saws. Knives, metal bowls, a cask of fresh water and some grain alcohol. While the items were of minor interest there was nothing which they could see which would be of particular importance which can’t wait until their return. The group then sets off after the robed figure who ran down the corridor to deal with the “Lord of Lance Rock”.

Following the tunnel deeper into the caves the group reaches another cavern. The cavern is lined with purple tapestries. In the centre of the room there is a pedestal and upon it a glowing sphere. Above the sphere is a dark sigil. It was shaped like an upside down pyramid surrounded by a dark purple and no light was contained within except for a long purple oval in the centre running from top to bottom. Anika examines the sigil and quickly determines that it is a minor illusion and that the orb below the sigil is a drift globe. Knowing this and knowing that the drift globe is only active if the person who activated it is within 60 feet they have a closer look around the room. They notice a pair of feet sticking out from beneath one of the tapestries.

Knowing that he is caught once Dekkarian announces his presence the figure reveals himself. He introduces himself as Orieoth and that he is working for a master, although he does not know the man’s name. He tells the adventurers that the man rescued him from a life of poverty after his family was killed, under the man’s tutelage he was taught in the ways of necromancy. He reveals when questioned that Varis, or indeed any elf, had not been in the area. Orieoth is feeling judged and is unhappy with the group for as far as he knows he has done nothing wrong other than raising corpses as animated servants. Anika presses for more information and when Orieoth does not volunteer any further information she threatens to rip the information from his mind which, she insinuates, may impact his ability to perform magic. Terrified of this Orieoth whips out a wand from his robe and attacks.

While surprising the attack is short lived and Art knocks Orieoth unconscious. They tie him up and remove his wand from his possession. While Orieoth is unconscious the group does a thorough search of the room which involves tearing down the tapestries. Behind them they find hollow niches in the cavern wall. Within they find 78 gold pieces, 165 silver pieces, four jet gems, spare clothes, bedding and some rations. Dekkarian lifts the unconscious mage over her shoulder and Art takes the drift globe from its pedestal. The drift globe’s glow fades and so does the sigil above. They then exit the cave and take a rest outside allowing their eyes adjust to the daylight. They then set off to return to Red Larch.

Upon returning to Red Larch the group takes Orieoth to Constable Harburk. The constable is confounded on what to do with Orieoth as there is no real evidence of any misdoings. Through patient explanation, showing what they had found within the cave and the descriptions of the undead corpses Harburk agrees to lock Orieoth in the pen and ship him to Waterdeep where the guard there is better equipped to deal with the situation.

Finished with Orieoth the group then returns to Kayleesa in order to report back and claim their reward. Keyleesa is ecstatic that the problem is resolved and doesn’t even notice when Anika says that she agreed to allow the group three days’ lodgings in addition to their reward. The party then goes to the local shop and sells all of the items which they had accumulated which they had no purpose to keep. Splitting the earnings from their adventure they repurpose their equipment. They then settle in for a good rest and their own personal styles of training.

At the end of the week Art is at the crossroads entertaining the local children and the women and elders who are unable to work in the fields. Nyx, Dekkarian and Anika are at the barber shop, which also doubles as a rumour mill and local tavern, trying to ferret out more information. They hear tales of a shepherd finding freshly dug graves in the Sumberhills. Suddenly outside there is a deep rumbling and the ground shakes. The three of them rush outside to see what is going on.

At the crossroads a portion of the ground has collapsed and they see Art pulling rope from his backpack. Art informs the group as he secures the rope to a post that three children fell in when the ground collapsed. Ignore an elderly man’s protests the Art and Nyx descends down the hole after the children. They quickly locate the children and call up that they are shaken but otherwise unharmed. Tying the rope around each child Dekkarian pulls them out one at a time while Anika assists the children climbing out from the hole as they reach the rim.

With the children safe the group decides to investigate below. In one of the cavern walls is a large room with a stone door with a ring set into it. Upon opening the door there is a sloping stone hall heading downwards. As the group travels about sixty feet the hall evens out and there are two dwarven statues on either side, the corridor continues along. Upon closer inspection both statues appear to be doors. They check behind one of the statues and it leads to what appears to be an ancient dwarven toilet.

Through the other they notice that there is not a large enough amount of dust on the floor to determine if anyone has been through the area or not. Deciding to veer of the entrance hall the follow this one, which descends in height until the six-foot-tall Anika could reach above her to touch the ceiling, until it reached another door similar to the one in the main cavern. This door had noticeable dwarven workmanship in the iron framework surrounding the stone door.

Upon opening the door, the group is hit with the stench of decaying flesh. Inside is a square room where several human bodies are lying. Upon the bodies feeding on the corpses are a couple of large rats, the size of small dogs. Nyx attempts to communicate with the animals however they ignore her in favour of the feast which they are currently devouring. In fact, they are so engrossed by this they do not notice the party work their way around the room and leave from the other side.

In the next room there is a large flat black rock hovering above the floor. Upon inspection it is one foot in diameter and floats about three feet. Nyx notices a cone surrounding the block and determines that it is a transmutation spell utilising levitation. It appears to be permanently fixed to the centre of the room. Seeing nothing else of interest the group continues further into the complex.

In the next room is a large statue of a dwarf holding a shield and a battle axe. It appears to have been broken into three pieces at one stage and then piled rejoined at some point. On the base of the statue lies a treasure trove of items. 97 gold coins, 253 silver pieces, 440 copper pieces, six small green agate gems, two moon stones and a dagger. The dagger emits a magical aura around it. On its blade is engraved the word Rezor, the blue leather grip is covered in a star motif, upon the steel of the blade can be seen dried blood. Art, being an expert in daggers, claims it for his own. A plaque on the base of the statue reads “Petrified Ironstar Dwarf Found…”

The party decides to check the room to the east which would lead back to the entrance to the complex. Across the chamber they see a half-orc peering through a slit in the door and down the hallway. There are chains and bars lining the walls and in the centre of the room, pinned under a large rock, is a human child. Anika calls out to the half-orc who spins around with eyes wide.

“You should not be here.” He announces.

They try to engage him in conversation, but he simply responds again with,

“You should not be here.”

On the third iteration of this he pulls out his sword and attacks the party.

The fight is short though brutal. Nyx shifted into her bear form and mauled the half-orc ripping out his throat and entrails and spilling them across the floor. Dekkarian lifts the rock from the boy freeing him from his captivity. The boy thanks the group and introduces himself as Braelin. He had been sent to deliver a message to Ilmeth by his father, Hathahand. However as he was late with the message he was being punished. He does not know much about the complex other than the Believers use the caverns as a meeting place. Of the believers he only knows of Hathahand, Ilmeth, Milandre-Galcur and Baragustus. Giving the boy some water and rations they send the child on his way.

They return to the previous chamber where the dwarf statue is and Nyx in her bear form pushes open the door on the far side. Inside is an old man sitting on a stool in front of another door. His eyes open wide as he sees the bear in the door way and he whimpers in fear. Art strolls past the bear and engages him in conversation. The old man introduces himself as Baragustus and begs not to be hurt. He freely reveals that he is guarding the door to the room of the Moving Stones however he doesn’t know anything about the dead people in the other room.

Suddenly a twang of a crossbow can be heard and Anika swears in pain as she is struck by a crossbow bolt. Standing on the far side of the room are six bandits, one in the process of reloading his crossbow.



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