The Party Rejoins

Episode 22

Ogrim defends the hallway
A roiling in the waterway
Dwarfy escapes the water and fires her crossbow at the enemy
Wolfy is pulled under and harmed
Anika blast the enemy in front of Ogrim
Normal fight for a couple of rounds
A magic user casts fear and gets Ogrim and Dwarfy
Both run, Wolfy holds its ground
Anika blasts another enemy and flies after Ogrim and Dwarfy
They encounter another enemy
Meanwhile Nyx and Art reach the landing and join the fray
Soon the enemy is defeated

Group takes a long rest in the guard room
Ogrim forgets about the prisoners he freed and they make their escape in Art/Nyx’s boat

The group travels into the temple and encounter a door with eyes and sharp fanged mouth drawn upon it
Anika cracks it open briefly to perform a detect magic, though she does not find what she is searching for
Her action is noticed and a voice calls out
Anika retreats the others wait
The door opens and a javelin is thrown

Art fires a lightning bolt instanlty killing 3 lizard men
During the battle the leader barks out an order in draconic and one of the lizardmen retreats
Battle continues and soon the lizardmen are dead
An ogre enters with the other lizardman

The group focus fires on the ogre and it falls dead
Outside the room a hag and another ogre make their appearance
Art and Anika are frightened by the hag
Anika retreats and fires an eldritch blast
Art casts darkness and retreats into the room

Anika is split from the party as they prepare to retreat, What is to become of the devilishly delightful warlock?



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