The Dragon Turtle Arises

Episode 23

The Party prepares to face the enemy from the darkness
A wet slapping sound can be heard (as the hag retreats)
Anika runs down the corridor to the turn of the waterway, there she casts fly

Meanwhile the party has opposition in the other direction of two trolls, the ogre and the hag
The hag pulls back
Unnoticed are a small group of cultists who see the battle is not going in their favor and ring a gong
Meanwhile Anika is dealing with the other troll as it tries to leap and snatch her out of the air

The water surges and out emerges a massive giant turtle.
Everyone who sees this flees, Ogrim is delayed due to dust in his eyes
The Dragon Turtle hefts its massive body onto the shore and addresses the cutlists
Ogrim seeing the dragon turtle decides its time to flee

Meanwhile the group is dealing with a troll blocking the way
The troll is cut down, although it is evident that it is still trying to regenerate
The part continue pummeling its body and it slips into the waterway
Ankia casts darkness where the Dragon Turtle and cultists are in order to by time

From the darkness the party hears the Dragon Turtle saying it would take care of the intruders
their way no longer impeded the group flees, behind them an immense jet of scalding water burst from the hallway.
The group continues to retreat, drinking from the enchanted fountain on their way past and travel to the earth temple.

There they catch their breath and decide what to do next
Art decides to continue his vengeance against the mud sorcerer and leads the way over the chasm
The others jump across while Anika flies, assisting Dwarfy as she almost falls

Art casts invisibility and goes into the room
he then launches a surprise attack and the rest of the group charge in
Anika starts by casting hold person, paralyzing the sorcerer
Somehow an earth spell hurts the party but they ignore it for now
the party brutal attacks the sorcerer who manages to soak some of the damage
Next to Ogrim a stone golem activates and attacks
The party continues their attack on the sorcerer while Ogrim handles the golem

The sorcerer is defeated and falls down dead, the golem becomes inactive upon his death
Ogrim not noticing smashes it into rubble.

The group catches its breath.



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