The Adventures of Ogrim

Episode 20

…Two days later

Ogrim awakens in a cage, sees robed man pacing and muttering
Dwarfy and Wolfy unconscious in nearby cage
Looks around the room, it is a torture chamber
Rack in the center, chains, manacles, spikes and implements hanging on the walls
Other captives in two other cages
Ogrim tests the bars but the rattling brings the attention of the man
The man directs three cultists to restrain and bring Ogrim to the rack
Ogrim resists and punches one in the ribs
they manage to get him to the rack and start strapping him in
Ogrim flexes and breaks the straps and smashes one in the face knocking him out
Roars at one of the others who cowers
Man in robe cast spell and an earthen hand rises to catch Ogrim
Ogrim dodges it and punches one of the cultists
Cultist fights back while the other goes to the bed for a scimitar
Ogrim knocks out other cultist
Man in robe once more casts the spell and this time manages to capture Ogrim

Scene change

After defeating the ghouls Anika, Nyx and Art discuss their next move
Art gets impatient and jumps in a boat and starts rowing
Nyx cast thornwhip to catch the boat
Anika jumps in
Nyx races and jumps in
after an hour of rowing Anika casts unseen servant to continue rowing
Soon they arrive in a large underground lake
seeing a landing they pull in
Art goes forward to investigate with Nyx following
Suddenly they are beset by ghouls
during the fight ghouls leap out of eight pools of water and try to drag Nyx into one
Anika prevents this and the group reforms and they manage to defeat the twelve ghouls.

Scene change

Dwarfy and Wolfy awaken to see Ogrim breaking out of the earthen grasp
Seeing their companion in dire straights they work together to break open the cage
Wolfy goes on the offensive
Meanwhile Ogrim has manage to grab a chain and manacle and use it as a crude weapon
The last cultist falls under his onslaught dropping his scimitar to the ground leaving the spell caster
The spell caster hardens his skin and cast some big spells which put them into dire straits
however Ogrim and Dwarfy fight hard and manage to defeat him

Searching the body Ogrim discovers two keys
Speaking to the prisoners he discovers where their gear is stored and frees them
Among them is an ex earthen cultist who had struck a priest who offers to be their guide
They decide to travel underground to the Crushing Wave Temple as per her suggestion

Scene Change

After a short rest Anika suggests she perform a sending to let their compatriots know that they are on their way and to judge the likelihood of them still being alive to be rescued
Relieved she receives a response and finds out they are travelling towards the Crushing Wave Temple.
Anika assumes that this is where she is now and informs the others
They travel to the other side of the lake and beach the boat
They hear a voice of a guard as if it were next to them
As Anika telepathically communicates for them not to make a sound Nyx asks if she should turn into a bear
They guards hear this and say the sound must of come from the other side of Whispering lake
The group sees a lock gate nearby and Art casting knock opens it
They pass through, relock the gate and run down the corridor to shake their pursuers

An hour passes and it now appears that they are in another temple
They continue to run down the corridor as this occurs to Anika and that they do not seem to be pursued any longer.



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