My Eight Legged Friend

Episode 21

Anika, Art and Nyx realise they are in the wrong location and retrace their steps
The gate has a chain holding it shut but no lock
Art removes the chain creating loud noise
Anika tries to fool anyone listening to make them believe they are supposed to be there
Art asks if he should turn invisible
Anika pinches the bridge of her nose as Art turns invisible

They find their boat where they left it and disembark
As they row out onto the lake Art finds it harder and harder to row
Anika and Art notice something causing a wake in the water
Suddenly the boat tips and all three fall out, Nyx looking especially ill
Tentacles flail out of the water as they are beset by a giant octopus
Nyx turns into a giant octopus and struggles against it, finding it difficult in this unfamiliar form
Art clambers back into the boat
Anika flys to the ceiling
With Nyx battling underwater, Art casting fairy fire and Anika shooting Eldritch blasts from above they finish the Octopus off
Nyx grips the boat in her tentacles and begins swimming

Ogrim, Dwarfy and the freed prisoners enter into a room with a broken pillar and a well
As they survey the room two Nottin’s see and attack Ogrim
The Nottin’s attempt to use their gaze attacks on the pair but they fight off the effects
Dwarfy slashes with her two handed axe while a wounded Ogrim slams down with his morning star
The Nottin gets a good shot in and Ogrim falls
Dwarfy seeing this quickly casts healing and Ogrim is back on his feet
together they defeat the Nottin’s
Severely wounded they decide to take a rest.
Dwarfy decides to drink from the fountain and is rejuvenated, Ogrim eyes it suspiciously and decides against it.

The octopus is pulling the boat to a downstream part when it is noticed by six men on the shore line
The captain calls out, however Art does not respond
Finding it out that their octopus has not capsized the boat the captain sends three men to the bridge up ahead
The men reach the bridge and pull out javelins demanding that Art announces who he is and stops
Art tries to deflect their questions but they dont buy it
Art then casts vicious mockery on one of the men but it fails and they attack

Battle Highlights:
Anika does hit and run tactics with Fly and Eldritch blast
Nyx crawls onto land and attacks as a giant Octopus
Art throws daggers slamming into the cultists
The captain jumps into the water and rides a hunter shark
As an octopus Nyx takes out one of the men
The warlock cultist manages to blast her out of her form and hex Art
The battle is chaotic and more so once Art casts darkness on top of everyone but Anika
Eventually the battle dies down with the enemies either fled or dead
As the Captain flees he is heard calling out to someone to go after them

Anika flys ahead to scout while Art decides to turn around and retreat they way they came
Nyx isnt happy and after a few minutes convinces him to go after Anika

After their rest Ogrim, Dwarfy and co travel down a hallway
at the corner is a door, Ogrim decides to ignore it however Dwarfy tries to open it
The door holds fast and after a moment a metal panel is slid open revealing a pair of eyes.
There is a curse and then a crossbow
Dwarfy is zinged with a shot as she chases after Ogrim
The door is heard opening behind her and the sound of several armed people

Ogrim has met with Anika as she flys above the river
They exchange greetings when suddenly Dwarfy rushes past and dives into the river
As she dives in she hears Anika’s voice in heard head saying Shark!
Ogrim turns around and charges towards the hallway intending to hold position
Anika watches unsure of what to do.



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