Mud Bath to the Elemental Plane of Earth

Episode 27

Professing tiredness Nyx decides to wait in the cavern and rest while the rest of the party explores ahead

Art, Anika and Ogrim travel down a corridor, take a right fork and enter into a large cavern
From one wall a river of mud gushes forth and travels quickly into a pool on the far end of the room
On the other side of the river stand a large earth elemental covered in armor
There are several mud mephits dancing around its feet
Anika hangs back while Ogrim and Art brazenly decide to go around the pool to the other side
The earth elemental sees Art, steps into the mud pool and points at him
The mephits look at Art and Ogrim and attack

One is faster than the others and rushes to Art, engorging his throat and spitting a ball of scalding mud. Art manages to dodge just in time and the mud splatters against the wall behind him. Looking at the earth elemental Art casts his hand out and a swarm of daggers surround it. Anika finishes her incantation flings forth her hand and writhing black tentacles sprout around the other mephits and wraps around them slamming them into the ground
One mephit manages to wriggle free and charges at Ogrim who manages to deflect its mud shot with his shield.

Meanwhile the Earth elemental walking through the dagger cloud and traversing the mud pool, it raises its earthen hammer above its head and slams it down towards Art. Art speaks a word and the earth elemental’s strike goes wide.

Art and Ogrim attack the mephits and with a solid blow Ogrim manages a solid blow into its head. The mephit’s body shudders and explodes into a shower of scalding mud which Ogrim narrowly avoids.

Meanwhile the tentacles wrap tighter around the mephits and slam them over and over again into the ground. Anika fires a couple of eldritch blasts into one of them.
One mephit manages to escape the tentacle and tries to run, however it is soon grabbed again and slammed into the floor.

As Ogrim defends himself against the mephits Art manages to cast a spell of confusion. The earth elemental and remaining mephit shudder and weave in a daze.

Soon all the mephits are dead, with one managing to escape down a tunnel, and Art, Anika and Ogrim focus on the earth elemental.
After a barrage of blows the earth elemental breaks through the confusion and slams its earthen warhammer into Ogrim just as Ogrim attacks. This causes Ogrims grip to loosen just enough for his morning star to slip out of his hand and sink into the mud pool.
However after a couple blasts from Anika and a a couple of bardic spells from Art the magic animating the Earth elemental dissapates and it collapses into rubble.

While Ogrim and Art catch their breaths Anika uses her eldritch site and senses the morning star in the pool. She attempts to reach for it with a spell however it is just out of range. She offers to attempt to send an unseen servant down to retrieve it which Ogrim accepts.

After ten minutes and the ritual is complete the unseen servant enters into the pool to attempt to retrieve the weapon. However after a few minutes Anika senses her connection to the servant is lost as it is wrenched into the depths. After quickly conferring with Jasper, her familar, he jumps into the pool to locate the weapons exact position. He sees it and informs Anika when all of a sudden he is pulled by a vicious current. Anika quickly de-summons him putting him into the safety of her pocket dimension.

Swearing to herself that she will apologise to Jasper later she informs Ogrim of what has happened. Ogrim is determined to retrieve his weapon so Anika gives him her ring of swimming which she recently found. Ogrim ties a rope around his waist and hands it to Art. He then clumsily dives into the muddy pool.

Ogrim has no problem swimming down, and locating his morning star however he is suddenly pulled by the strong current and is pulled towards a darkness in the mud. On the surface Art pulls with all his might on the rope and manages to give Ogrim the few precious moments needed in order to fight against the current. Soon Ogrim is back on the surface with his prize.

Ogrim tells Anika about the darkness and she tells him that it sounds like a portal to the Elemental plane of Earth. If he were to be sucked into there they would not of been able to retrieve him without great difficulty, if he managed to survive.

With that Anika, Art and Ogrim decide to head back to Nyx and take a well deserved break.



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