It Came from within the Obelisk

Episode 24

The party takes a long rest
Dwarfy decides to take a break where she is after her near death experiences
The rest of the party Travels further into the Earth Temple
comes across a set of double doors
Inside is Deep gnome manacled to a post
Behind him is a black obelisk
There are several priests chanting at the back of the room

Art rushes over to the gnome in order to help when Nyx casts entangle on the priests
The priests fling a couple of spells and attack with daggers but keep chanting
Art seeing his chance leaves the still chained gnome to rush around and hit them with lightning
Ogrim rushes to the closest priest and starts attacking with his morning star
The chanting ends and Anika notices the Obelisk oozing
Anika backs up Ogrim before going to the gnome and trying to free him, calling to Nyx for help
Nyx manages to release one of the shackles from the gnome and pulls Anika back

Meanwhile the others continue attacking the priests who cast acid splash
The black ooze starts to engulf the gnome who starts screaming in agony
Anika casts fly and manages to release the other manacle pick the gnome up and fly him to safety
Nyx uses thorn whip to pull the remaining priest into the ooze which kills him

Nyx and Ogrim face the Ooze directly, however it is too dangerous in close combat and after they and their armor take damage they both retreat

Art, Anika and Nyx attack and kill the ooze from range

The gnome reveals that there has been activity on a level deeper

The party goes to where the gnome indicates there are stairs and as they start to descend a resounding sound

They decide to continue to descend the stairs, however they are attacked from behind
Facing two opponents in plate mail and another cultist priest they defend against the attack

During the fight Anika is badly hurt and pinned beneath one of the soldiers. She casts hold person which paralyses him. She then is able to retreat.
Ogrim smashes into the soldier with his morning star before Art pushes the helpless man over the edge and into the abyss.

Catching their breath, and after some healing, the group continues down the stairs.



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