Grimjaw Revealed

Episode 7

The group silently proceeds to the gatehouse. They know if the can secure it then they have a guaranteed method of escape. Silently the creep inside and remove the weapons from the sleeping guards. They then hold blades to each of their throats and rouse them. The guards surrender seeing no other option. Quickly the group gags them and bind them to the beds. They then sneak upstairs.

The group prepares to do the same tactic as below, however Anika accidentally drops the bar to the room causing the guards to wake. However they quickly defeat the guards and secure the tower. They spare one guard and interrogate him for information.

He admits that they are not keeping the peace but are actually raiding people, however he doesn’t know anything specific and admits he thought the group had come to the keep in order to join them. The bandit also says Grimjaw is a hard task master, and he doesn’t know if any weaknesses if even he has any. When asked about the delegation the bandit doesn’t know anything about them. He does mentions a locked strong box that one of the now dead guards, Holga, kept under her bed. The bandit mentions that they have been repairing the castle over the last few months and have been conducting both boat and land raids. Finally sick of listening to him Dekkarian shoves a sock in the bandits mouth.

With a quick check on their prisoners below and on the walls the cross the wall to the great hall.

Entering through the second floor they enter into another barracks. The guards here are already awake and they charge at the group. However even in these tight quarters the group is more than a match for them.

Silently they sneak through the corridor and into another room. The stone floor here is covered in water. Across the room a figure can be seen sleeping in the bed. Dekkarian nods at the others and makes her way across the room. As she crosses she stumbles causing the water to splash. The figure awakens and starts casting spells at the group. The lone spell caster is quickly dealt with as he was not able to prepare his spells in time.

With the caster dead the group searches the room, uncovering scrolls, gold and treatise relating to sea faring. As Anika searches through the bookcase she discovers a small lever behind one of the books. Pulling on it opens a hidden passage in the wall. The group go through and shortly come to another door. The stealthily open it and inside they can see Grimjaw revelling in chests of gold. Anika quickly reads his mind and discovers that the treasure is the bounty from raids he has carried out. She telepathically relays this to the others and they charge in.

Caught off guard Grimjaw is belted by Dekkarian and Nyx while Art torments him with bardic spells. Anika takes the opportunity caused by his distraction to rifle through his mind in search of the information which she is looking for. Unfortunately she is unable to find anything of use.

Furious Grimjaw roars at the party. His skin ripples and shifts, his face lengthens and tusks sprout from his jaw. Muscles bulge under his tunic ripping at the seems.

“Lookout! Wereboar!” Anika cries out.

Grimjaw snorts and charges at Dekkarian. She manages to fend him off with her shield deflecting his lethal tusks. Nyx in her bear form claws and rips at Grimjaw drawing blood. Art expertly throws his daggers slamming into the thick hide. Anika waves her wand and Grimjaw is slammed with three bolts of force. The battle is furious, blows are exchanged by the combatants and blood is drawn several times over. However through strength of numbers Grimjaw lies dead in a pool of his own blood.



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