Giant Tic Tac Toe

Episode 25

Descending the stairs the group enters a large room with a door to the north and east
Proceeding north they find a dwarven crypt
Ogrim reads the inscription and bows his head, as reward for his respect he his blessed
The rest of the party does the same and is reinvigorated
Art makes mention of opening the tomb in order to loot however Anika manages to convince them that it is a really bad idea
The group leaves the room

The travel down a corrider and see a set of stairs carved from the rock leading up
They discount it for now and continue going ahead

The enter a room where two giants are playing a game of tic tac toe
one of the giants notices the group and wishes to play with the group
after several games where the party comes out slightly on top the giant looses its patience and grabs his large club
Ogrim quickly throws the pouch of gold at the giant diffusing the giant
The giant tells the group that there is a magic place down a corrider where a soft purple glow is coming from
The party leaves down that direction

The party goes down the corridor and enter into a larger hallway cavern
At the end of the cavern are two large statues in front of a doorway and two guards
Ogrim goes towards them with the intent of tricking them but blows his cover rather quickly
A fight breaks out and two earth elementals join the fray
It looks bad until Art entrances the Earth elementals taking them out of the fight, the party is then able to focus on one enemy at a time.
They catch their breath before continuing on

Going down the corridor, still lined with the crystals giving off the glow, the party enters another cavern
There a Xorn and a cultist are harvesting gems
The Xorn has three arms, three legs, and three eyes spread across their barrel-like torso, capped off with a mouth on the top
Noticing Ogrim the Xorn haggles for the party’s gold
Art casts dissonant whispers on the cultist causing him to flee and the group focuses on the Xorn
The Cultist returns shortly after however after the fall of the Xorn he casts expeditious retreat and flees down a corridor



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