Getting Roper'd into things

Episode 26

Group runs down the corridor in the opposite direction from the cultist who fled fearing reinforcements
They enter another cavern, Stalagmites rise from the floor and Stalactites hang from the ceiling
The floor is littered with armour, Anika uses her eldritch sight and sees a point of magic on the ground
Suddenly a tentacle wraps around Ogrim and pulls him into the air

Ogrim struggles to break free while his companions attack from the ground
Anika casts hex however her spells miss
Art mocks the creature
Nyx twirls her sling and throws a stone which harmlessly bounces off of the creatures hide

In front of Ogrim the creature opens its mouth revealing a set of wicked teeth which proceeds to rip into Ogrim’s flesh
Three more tentacles grab Anika, Art and Nyx
They try to struggle free but are caught tight
Nyx shifts into a cave bear but is at an awkward angle so she cant get a good strike in
They are all lifted towards the roper as it savages into Ogrim once more

Anika seeing the are in dire straits casts blight on the creature
Ogrim slashes through the tentacle and drops free and retreats
Nyx and Art still struggle and Art drops a dagger to the ground

Anika struggles to cast a spell but fails to gather the eldritch energy as she is being flung around by the tentacles
Art and Nyx cut into the creature
Ogrim rushes forward picks up the dagger and flings it into the creature’s flank

With a final blow from Nyx the roper shudders and falls to the floor below dead.
The group figures that the area will be the safest from the cultists due to the (now deceased) roper presence
As the group prepares to camp Anika wonders over and picks up a ring
During the rest Ogrim notices Anika studying the ring and asks what she has.
She looks around and whispers to him….

The group breaks camp and proceeds down another corridor
The take a right at the fork descending deeper and as they approach the exit they hear a blood curdling scream cut short.
In the cavern bones lie littered over the floor, with several with large rocks through their rib cages
One intact skeleton lies on the ground with a golden crown attacked to its chest
Anika uses her eldritch sight and is able to tell this is an intensely powerful magic item and warns the others from disturbing it until she can confirm it is safe
Art ignores Anika and uses Mage Hand to lift the crown

A ghost of a dueger materialises and warns of the crown’s guardians, suddenly for drow specters materialise and attack
Anika prepared for something happening unleashes a mass of black tentacles at the drow, the drow are battered but they phase through the writhing mass
One moves forward to attack Ogrim but he manages to defend
Nyx and Art cast powerful divine magic
As the other specters begin to move they are ripped apart by the three spells
Ogrim smashes his mace through the one that attacked him and soon they are gone.

Anika turns to Art and warns him once more.
Art ignores her and taking a step back casts mage hand once more
The ghost forms and gives the warning again
He looks around when the specters don’t materialise
Ogrim grabs the crown out of the air and says that he will return it to its rightful place and free the ghost
The ghost retreats into the crown
Anika studies the crown and declares it free of malevolent magics
The group rests while Ogrim studies the crown to learn its properties.
Once down he places it on his head and the party readies to set off once more.



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