Battle in Riverguard Harbour

Episode 8

The party takes a short rest and then moves within range to check in with Jasper (tied up people haven’t moved)
The party goes to the balcony, laying down they can see 2 x reavers in the room below
Anika sneaks backwards as Art asks for surrender. Dekkarian stands and puts on the gold mask she’d collected. Nyx also stands up
One reaver stands there not doing anything while the other tells the party to put down their weapons. Dekkarian tries and fails to intimidate the reaver and is lucky when the reaver’s javelin misses her.

Post battle the party collect a total of 14gp from the reavers
They go through the north door in the room and find the kitchens where 5 human commoners are currently baking. Finding it all dull the party moves through the door to the adjoining room and find 3 more commoners asleep in the quarters. Nyx looks around and realises that the room is smaller than it should be.
Anika and Dekkarian find a secret door that leads from the great hall down a spiralling staircase. Nyx goes down and while she can’t see anything on the landing she notices 6 ghouls under the water of what appears to be a hidden boat landing
Anika closes the secret entrance and the party goes to the chapel.

The chapel holds nothing of major interest. There is a symbol of the crushing wave which Anika recognises. She recalls rumours from the last few months regarding a cult, a group of people who worship water and want to clean the world of imperfections

After finding nothing the party goes to investigate the boat. Nyx follows Art on board the boat and Art opens the cabin door. He sees two people sleeping. Entering the room, Art manages to tie the Halfling up but not before he cries out awaking the water Genasi Shoalar Quanderil.
A short discussion occurs: “What are you doing on my ship?” “Safety precaution, bugbears attacked” “The bugbears follow the direction of Jolli, if the attack…” The Genasi draws his dagger
The Genasi causes a tidal wave and manages to escape. Dekkarian and Nyx are knocked prone.
Dekkarian and Nyx stand. Nyx shakes the water out of her fur. Anika searches the cabin and finds a locked chest. Art keeps an eye out and notices 2xbandits coming from below deck. The party takes them out and collects 4gold total. After a search of the Halfling they recover a further 5gp

Dekkarian questions the Halfling about why pirates are here. Discussion talks about how its good business, he doesn’t know anything about a cult, and only knows that Grimjaw runs the castle – the pirates use it when they need provisions when told Grimjaw is dead the Halfling is disinterested.
190sp +95gp in chest
in the hold they find stolen goods: ale, salted fish and bundles of pelts (12×40gp = 480gp)
Anika uses a spell called Tensers Floating Disc to carry the pelts

The party returns to the kitchen and tells the commoners they are free to leave. 3 from the bedroom and two from the kitchen leave immediately, the others seem a little saddened. Anika asks if they’ve heard of a “madman” and they mention that the actions of Grimjaw have seemed strange compared to the past. The true source of strange activity seems to be the dark secret stairs
Art takes food to tied up people and feeds them
The party takes a long rest before returning to the hidden boat room
Dekkarian and Nyx see ghouls in the water, no magic is detected.
They choose not to encounter the ghouls and rather go and collect the prisoners.

The prisoners are tied together and they set out for Red Larch
One prisoner escapes, another breaks his leg. Art fixes the man’s leg and they take the prisoners to Harbrurk at Red Larch. They are transferred to Waterdeep. Two more escape and a total of three arrive at Waterdeep.

The Party Levels Up.



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