Battle at Riverguard Keep

Episode 6

“What in the nine hells is going on out here?!?”

The remaining bugbear charges towards Art.

“We are under attack by bugbears!” Dekkarian replied.

“They are my bugbears! Why are you attacking them?”

“They attacked us!” Dekkarian shouts in response as she rushes to Art’s aid.

“Guards! To arms! Kill them all”

Grimjaw slams closed the door to the great hall.

“Dammit! Art! Nyx! Do something about that door!” Dekkarian orders as she slams her flail into the bugbear’s head, crushing its skull.

Art and Nyx both concentrate for a moment. Nyx releases her spell and a soft pale glow bathes the barracks. Screams of pain can be heard coming from within. As two of the guards dash out of the barracks the run into a cloud of spinning daggers and a shredded to bits. Art smiles at the effectiveness of his spell. Anika cocks her head as if she is listening to something, she then spins around and blasts a guard off of the wall behind her. A small black shape can be seen darting along the wall.

Dekkarian, Art and Nyx prepare for the remaining guards from the barracks as the come from the opposite side of the building. Anika covers their backs by blasting a couple more approaching guards coming from the dock wall. They make short work of the guards and proceed to explore their immediate surroundings.

Anika cocks her head again and tells the others that there is another group coming from around the building. As Nyx and Dekkarian prepare to deal with this new threat Art goes inside the Chapel to investigate. Inside there is a priestess giving a sermon, behind her is the symbol of the Deep Water cult. She preaches of the truth of the deep waters and of great things to come, of the oceans to swallow the land and those of the chosen to survive. In the pews sit two bored guards who are barely paying attention.

“Come in, come in. It’s so nice to have a new disciple”

“Ah no, I’m sorry for disturbing you please continue, I’ll just let myself out.”

The guards begin to take notice of the break in the sermon and reach for their weapons. Art whispers under his breathe and the two guards slump asleep in the pews.

“Sorry, sorry, must be going.”

“I must insist that you stay.”

With that the priestess gestures with her hand ending in a clasping motion at Art. For an instant he can feel his body begin to held in place, but with a strength of will he manages to break the spell. Swearing he flings a dagger at the priestess. The dagger flys for her chest however it bounces of a magical force surrounding her. Taking advantage of the distraction however he darts outside.

Meanwhile Dekkarian and Nyx are attacking the approaching group while Anika covers their rear. They had managed to defeat two of the guards quickly however the third had shifted into the form of a water elemental and was proving rather difficult to land a blow on. Suddenly behind them a blizzard erupts out of nowhere covering the chapel. A figure can be seen darting around the corner while another stands in the doorway with its arms raised. Anika is caught in the blizzard and swears, quickly ducking into the nearest room. She looks around and finds herself in the lavatory.

Dekkarian tells Nyx to go and help Art, he can deal with the serpent. Nyx growls in response taking another swipe at the writhing water before running towards the Chapel. Dekkarian turns back to the serpent.

“Come at me you water lizard.”

Anika sees Nyx’s bear form run into the blizzard and is swallowed. She knows she can’t be in two places at once and both need her help. Or maybe she came? She communicates with Jasper on the far wall and instructs him to approach the water snake form the opposite side. She then pulls out her wand of magic missiles aims at the priestess and activates it. Three bolts of force slam into the priestess making her stumble. Meanwhile Jasper approaches the water snake ready to pounce. Anika prepares an electrical spell for Jasper to deliver however just before he can launch the attack Dekkarian slams her flail into the snake and it crashes to the ground reverting back to its human form. Anika looks back to the priestess to see her go down with a dagger solidly lodged in her chest. With that Art goes into the Chapel and a few moments later returns, wiping blood from his rapier.

The group gathers together outside of the Chapel and catch their breath. All that can be heard is the movement of water coming from the harbour.



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