An Old Foe Appears

Episode 28

After taking a rest with Nyx and Jasper keeping look out the party decides to move on
Traveling along several stone passages they eventually come to an armory. Inside is a scalding mud pool with steam rising from it, several stone slabs with an impressive array of weapons and armor and a dwarf is forging weapons while two humans stand guard over him

Ogrim approaches the dwarf to see if he is ok and the two guards rush him

Ogrim fronts up to his attackers while Nyx charges in flame scimitar in hand.
She lands a solid blow however after being hit herself she loses her concentration and it vanishes.
Art casts a couple of spells while Anika sends forth eldritch blasts from the other side of the room
One guard points at a spot at the ground and rock erupts and smashes into the group.
Wounded Anika retreats to quaff a potion returning to the fray just in time to see Ogrims Morningstar slam into the wall nearby
Ogrim pulls forth his longsword and runs through a guard
Nyx then throws a thorn whip dragging the guard nearer to Ogrim
The guard is quickly dispatched

Resting for the moment Anika takes a look with her eldritch vision and spots a magic item on the one of the stone slabs nearby.
She lifts a crystal breastplate and examines it, determining it has been magically enchanted. She gazes into its crystalline structure, the beauty of its craftsmanship, how it sparkles in the light. It is hers, this thing of beauty, it would be sensible to keep it for herself she reasoned. She deserves it after all she has been put through in trying to find the Eye. In fact she deserves more, having to put up with these louts for so long, having them go head first into danger time and time again.

Suddenly Nyx tears it from her hands, a wave of dizziness passes over Anika. What was she thinking? It wouldn’t suit her at all, She needs freedom of movement for her fighting style after all. In fact Nyx would be better off with it as being made of Crystal she should be able to shape shift with it on. Nodding she watches as Nyx puts it on and thinks no more of it.

The group talks to the dwarf who had retreated down one of the tunnels for safety and he informs them that he is a member of the lost delegation. One of the delegation members was taken to work in the mines above (who he is relieved to find out that he had been rescued by the party earlier), another delegation member was kidnapped by the air cult and the last member has been given to the fire cult as a gift and a bargaining chip. The dwarf refuses to leave until he knows that his elven friend at the fire cult has been rescued, or at least everyone here at the earth cult has been killed so no message can be sent. The party agrees and goes deeper into the caves in order to find who else is left.

They enter into a large crystal chamber, Three Nothics are huddled on the far side cowering. The party tries to communicate with them to no avail. Seeing that they arent hostile the party moves to the next chamber

Inside six stone pillars surround the room, a winding stair travel to the core where a massive shifting stone levitates above the ground, its constant grinding of earth echoing throughout the chamber
On the side of four of the pillars are stone gargoyles, at the bas of the core, flanked by two guards is the Medusa Marlos Urnrayle.

Marlos was made aware of your presence he raised above his head a powerful looking weapon. The words “With this key, I call forth the Mountain of Doom, the great and terrible Ogremoch!”

The levitating stone splits and a portal forms, From with the evil elemental prince of Earth begins to emerge. Panicking and hoping to disrupt the ritual enough to cancel the magic Anika lets fly an Eldritch blast at Marlos who tumbles forward, however it appears that it may be too late…

The Prince of Evil Earch is Ogremoch, the Mountain that Walks. His natural form is a shambling, 50 foot tall colossus of rock, with crystal growths embedded throughout his body. When he bothers to speak, his voice sounds like grinding stones.



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