A Crushing Defeat

Episode 29

Ogrim runs
Art casts dissonant whisper on a gargoyle and runs
Nyx casts Moonwell on the entrance and runs
Anika casts Hagars Hunger and retreats

One gargoyle chases and attacks Art
Medusa moves through the darkness and is lit up by the moonwell
Art sees the medusa and is instantly petrified
The Element Prince moves forward and slams a fist into the ground causing three earth elementals to form near the party

Ogrim beats at the gargolye with his morning star which while damaging does not kill it
Nyx shifts into a bear and dashes away
Anika steps forward to Ogrim casts fly on both and then flys away after Nyx

Ogrim is then set on by the Earth elementals and smashed to the ground
Meanwhile The Earth Prince moves through the wall and casts and orange glow on Anika and Nyx

Nyx summons in some bears and Anika weaves around the Earth Elementals attack before flying away

Ogrim’s body shudders with a rack of pain as he fights for his life

Nyx runs from the Earth prince while the bears attack it
One of the bears is crushed beneath its mighty fist
Anika flys past the mud pool/portal to the earth plane and throws in her gold in an attempt to distract it and not be so tempting a target
Nyx runs after Anika

Ogrim regains consciousness enough and manages to fly away from his attackers, turning at last minute at the junction as he sees the elemental prince ahead of him. Finishing off the bear the Earth Elemental Prince turns and charges after Ogrim

As Anika and Nyx retreat through the tunnels they hear a mighty crash behind them.
After a moment it is followed by the sound of a thunderous stomp and the ghastly sound of bones being crushed. The two of them flee from the Earthen temple that has become their companions grave.

On the surface Anika rests and then magically contacts her cult, telling them of what happened. She then magically contacts the Sherriff in Red Larch warning him of the impending danger. Later she magically contacts her fellow cultist in Waterdeep, the nearest major city. At least, she thinks to herself, with more people as a distraction it should be easier to find the eye.

Nyx decides that she is done adventuring, She decides to go back to her boring little village and count the horde of gold which she has gathered. After all it is much more important than those she had traveled with, she thinks as she buffs her crystal breastplate, now she can be with her shinies and see them glitter to her hearts content. Her missing master forgotten, the remaining delegates forsaken she retires to her hamlet to live out her life.

Deep below the earth, near the portal to the Earthen plane three Nothics gather around a statue of a tiefling bard. They poke and prod at the petrified tiefling before becoming bored at their latest amusement. Then alone in the darkness the statue stands wordlessly, agony contorted on its features and a hint of despair and betrayal in its eyes.



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